Warning: Reason support is experimental. We are looking for beta-tester and contributors.

Functor Lwt_throttle.Make

module Make (H : Stdlib.Hashtbl.HashedType) : 
  Swith type key = H.t

Parameters :


type key
type t
val create : rate:int -> max:int -> n:int -> t

Creates a rate limiter.

rate : Maximum number of promise resolutions per second, per channel.

max : Maximum number of pending promises allowed at once, over all channels.

n : Initial size of the internal channel hash table. This should be approximately the number of different channels that will be used.

val wait : t -> key -> bool Lwt.t

Lwt_throttle.wait limiter channel returns a new promise associated with the given rate limiter and channel.

If the maximum number of pending promises for limiter has not been reached, the promise starts pending. It will be resolved with true at some future time, such that the rate limit of limiter is not exceeded, with respect to other promises in the same channel.

If the maximum number of pending promises has been reached, the returned promise is already resolved with false.