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Index of values

_pp [Tyxml_svg]
_pp [Tyxml_html]
_pp_elt [Tyxml_svg]
_pp_elt [Tyxml_html]

a [Svg_sigs.T]
a [Html_sigs.T]
a_accent_height [Svg_sigs.T]
a_accept [Html_sigs.T]
a_accept_charset [Html_sigs.T]
a_accesskey [Html_sigs.T]

This attribute assigns an access key to an element.

a_accumulate [Svg_sigs.T]
a_action [Html_sigs.T]

This attribute specifies a form processing agent.

a_additive [Svg_sigs.T]
a_align [Html_sigs.T]

a_alignment_baseline [Svg_sigs.T]
a_allowfullscreen [Html_sigs.T]
a_allowpaymentrequest [Html_sigs.T]
a_alphabetic [Svg_sigs.T]
a_alt [Html_sigs.T]
a_amplitude [Svg_sigs.T]
a_animateTransform_type [Svg_sigs.T]
a_animation_fill [Svg_sigs.T]
a_animation_values [Svg_sigs.T]
a_arabic_form [Svg_sigs.T]
a_aria [Html_sigs.T]

Basic support for WAI-ARIA attributes: a_aria "foo" corresponds to an "aria-foo" attribute.

a_ascent [Svg_sigs.T]
a_async [Html_sigs.T]
a_attributeName [Svg_sigs.T]
a_attributeType [Svg_sigs.T]
a_autocomplete [Html_sigs.T]
a_autofocus [Html_sigs.T]
a_autoplay [Html_sigs.T]
a_axis [Html_sigs.T]

a_azimuth [Svg_sigs.T]
a_baseFrenquency [Svg_sigs.T]
a_baseProfile [Svg_sigs.T]

a_bbox [Svg_sigs.T]
a_begin [Svg_sigs.T]
a_bias [Svg_sigs.T]
a_border [Html_sigs.T]

a_button_type [Html_sigs.T]
a_by [Svg_sigs.T]
a_calcMode [Svg_sigs.T]
a_cap_height [Svg_sigs.T]
a_challenge [Html_sigs.T]
a_char [Html_sigs.T]

a_charset [Html_sigs.T]

This attribute specifies the character encoding of the resource designated by the link.

a_checked [Html_sigs.T]

When the type attribute has the value "radio" or "checkbox", this boolean attribute specifies that the button is on.

a_cite [Html_sigs.T]
a_class [Svg_sigs.T]
a_class [Html_sigs.T]

This attribute assigns a class name or set of class names to an element.

a_clipPathUnits [Svg_sigs.T]
a_codetype [Html_sigs.T]

a_cols [Html_sigs.T]

This attribute specifies the visible width in average character widths.

a_colspan [Html_sigs.T]
a_command_type [Html_sigs.T]
a_content [Html_sigs.T]
a_contentScriptType [Svg_sigs.T]

a_contentStyleType [Svg_sigs.T]

a_contenteditable [Html_sigs.T]
a_contextmenu [Html_sigs.T]
a_controls [Html_sigs.T]
a_coords [Html_sigs.T]
a_crossorigin [Html_sigs.T]
a_cx [Svg_sigs.T]
a_cy [Svg_sigs.T]
a_d [Svg_sigs.T]
a_data [Html_sigs.T]
a_datetime [Html_sigs.T]
a_defer [Html_sigs.T]
a_diffuseConstant [Svg_sigs.T]
a_dir [Html_sigs.T]
a_disabled [Html_sigs.T]
a_divisor [Svg_sigs.T]
a_dominant_baseline [Svg_sigs.T]
a_download [Html_sigs.T]
a_draggable [Html_sigs.T]
a_dur [Svg_sigs.T]
a_dx [Svg_sigs.T]
a_dx_list [Svg_sigs.T]
a_dy [Svg_sigs.T]
a_dy_list [Svg_sigs.T]
a_edgeMode [Svg_sigs.T]
a_elevation [Svg_sigs.T]
a_enctype [Html_sigs.T]
a_exponent [Svg_sigs.T]
a_externalRessourcesRequired [Svg_sigs.T]
a_feColorMatrix_type [Svg_sigs.T]
a_feComposite_operator [Svg_sigs.T]
a_feMorphology_operator [Svg_sigs.T]
a_feTurbulence_type [Svg_sigs.T]
a_fill [Svg_sigs.T]
a_fill_rule [Svg_sigs.T]
a_filterRes [Svg_sigs.T]
a_float_value [Html_sigs.T]
a_font_family [Svg_sigs.T]
a_font_size [Svg_sigs.T]
a_font_stretch [Svg_sigs.T]
a_font_style [Svg_sigs.T]
a_font_variant [Svg_sigs.T]
a_font_weight [Svg_sigs.T]
a_for [Html_sigs.T]

a_for_list [Html_sigs.T]

a_form [Html_sigs.T]
a_formaction [Html_sigs.T]
a_format [Svg_sigs.T]
a_formenctype [Html_sigs.T]
a_formmethod [Html_sigs.T]
a_formnovalidate [Html_sigs.T]
a_formtarget [Html_sigs.T]
a_frameborder [Html_sigs.T]

a_from [Svg_sigs.T]
a_fx [Svg_sigs.T]
a_fy [Svg_sigs.T]
a_g1 [Svg_sigs.T]
a_g2 [Svg_sigs.T]
a_glyphRef [Svg_sigs.T]
a_glyph_name [Svg_sigs.T]
a_gradientTransform [Svg_sigs.T]
a_gradientUnits [Svg_sigs.T]
a_hanging [Svg_sigs.T]
a_headers [Html_sigs.T]
a_height [Svg_sigs.T]
a_height [Html_sigs.T]
a_hidden [Html_sigs.T]
a_high [Html_sigs.T]
a_horiz_adv_x [Svg_sigs.T]
a_horiz_origin_x [Svg_sigs.T]
a_horiz_origin_y [Svg_sigs.T]
a_href [Svg_sigs.T]
a_href [Html_sigs.T]

This attribute specifies the location of a Web resource, thus defining a link between the current element (the source anchor) and the destination anchor defined by this attribute.

a_hreflang [Html_sigs.T]

This attribute specifies the base language of the resource designated by href and may only be used when href is specified.

a_http_equiv [Html_sigs.T]
a_icon [Html_sigs.T]
a_id [Svg_sigs.T]
a_id [Html_sigs.T]

This attribute assigns a name to an element.

a_ideographic [Svg_sigs.T]
a_img_sizes [Html_sigs.T]
a_in [Svg_sigs.T]
a_in2 [Svg_sigs.T]
a_input_max [Html_sigs.T]
a_input_min [Html_sigs.T]
a_input_type [Html_sigs.T]
a_inputmode [Html_sigs.T]
a_int_value [Html_sigs.T]
a_integrity [Html_sigs.T]
a_intercept [Svg_sigs.T]
a_ismap [Html_sigs.T]
a_k [Svg_sigs.T]
a_k1 [Svg_sigs.T]
a_k2 [Svg_sigs.T]
a_k3 [Svg_sigs.T]
a_k4 [Svg_sigs.T]
a_kernelMatrix [Svg_sigs.T]
a_kernelUnitLength [Svg_sigs.T]
a_keyPoints [Svg_sigs.T]
a_keySplines [Svg_sigs.T]
a_keyTimes [Svg_sigs.T]
a_keytype [Html_sigs.T]
a_label [Html_sigs.T]
a_label_for [Html_sigs.T]
a_lang [Svg_sigs.T]
a_lang [Html_sigs.T]
a_lengthAdjust [Svg_sigs.T]
a_limitingConeAngle [Svg_sigs.T]
a_list [Html_sigs.T]
a_local [Svg_sigs.T]
a_loop [Html_sigs.T]
a_low [Html_sigs.T]
a_manifest [Html_sigs.T]
a_marginheight [Html_sigs.T]

a_marginwidth [Html_sigs.T]

a_markerHeight [Svg_sigs.T]
a_markerUnits [Svg_sigs.T]
a_markerWidth [Svg_sigs.T]
a_maskContentUnits [Svg_sigs.T]
a_maskUnits [Svg_sigs.T]
a_mathematical [Svg_sigs.T]
a_max [Svg_sigs.T]
a_max [Html_sigs.T]
a_maxlength [Html_sigs.T]
a_media [Svg_sigs.T]
a_media [Html_sigs.T]
a_mediagroup [Html_sigs.T]
a_menu_type [Html_sigs.T]
a_method [Svg_sigs.T]
a_method [Html_sigs.T]
a_mime_type [Html_sigs.T]

This attribute gives an advisory hint as to the content type of the content available at the link target address.

a_min [Svg_sigs.T]
a_min [Html_sigs.T]
a_minlength [Html_sigs.T]
a_mode [Svg_sigs.T]
a_multiple [Html_sigs.T]
a_muted [Html_sigs.T]
a_name [Svg_sigs.T]
a_name [Html_sigs.T]

This attribute assigns the control name.

a_novalidate [Html_sigs.T]
a_numOctaves [Svg_sigs.T]
a_offset [Svg_sigs.T]
a_onabort [Svg_sigs.T]
a_onabort [Html_sigs.T]
a_onactivate [Svg_sigs.T]
a_onafterprint [Html_sigs.T]
a_onbeforeprint [Html_sigs.T]
a_onbeforeunload [Html_sigs.T]
a_onbegin [Svg_sigs.T]
a_onblur [Html_sigs.T]
a_oncanplay [Html_sigs.T]
a_oncanplaythrough [Html_sigs.T]
a_onchange [Html_sigs.T]
a_onclick [Svg_sigs.T]
a_onclick [Html_sigs.T]
a_onclose [Html_sigs.T]
a_oncontextmenu [Html_sigs.T]
a_ondblclick [Html_sigs.T]
a_ondrag [Html_sigs.T]
a_ondragend [Html_sigs.T]
a_ondragenter [Html_sigs.T]
a_ondragleave [Html_sigs.T]
a_ondragover [Html_sigs.T]
a_ondragstart [Html_sigs.T]
a_ondrop [Html_sigs.T]
a_ondurationchange [Html_sigs.T]
a_onemptied [Html_sigs.T]
a_onend [Svg_sigs.T]
a_onended [Html_sigs.T]
a_onerror [Svg_sigs.T]
a_onerror [Html_sigs.T]
a_onfocus [Html_sigs.T]
a_onfocusin [Svg_sigs.T]
a_onfocusout [Svg_sigs.T]
a_onformchange [Html_sigs.T]
a_onforminput [Html_sigs.T]
a_onhashchange [Html_sigs.T]
a_oninput [Html_sigs.T]
a_oninvalid [Html_sigs.T]
a_onkeydown [Html_sigs.T]
a_onkeypress [Html_sigs.T]
a_onkeyup [Html_sigs.T]
a_onload [Svg_sigs.T]

a_onload [Html_sigs.T]
a_onloadeddata [Html_sigs.T]
a_onloadedmetadata [Html_sigs.T]
a_onloadstart [Html_sigs.T]
a_onmessage [Html_sigs.T]
a_onmousedown [Svg_sigs.T]
a_onmousedown [Html_sigs.T]
a_onmousemove [Svg_sigs.T]
a_onmousemove [Html_sigs.T]
a_onmouseout [Svg_sigs.T]
a_onmouseout [Html_sigs.T]
a_onmouseover [Svg_sigs.T]
a_onmouseover [Html_sigs.T]
a_onmouseup [Svg_sigs.T]
a_onmouseup [Html_sigs.T]
a_onmousewheel [Html_sigs.T]
a_onoffline [Html_sigs.T]
a_ononline [Html_sigs.T]
a_onpagehide [Html_sigs.T]
a_onpageshow [Html_sigs.T]
a_onpause [Html_sigs.T]
a_onplay [Html_sigs.T]
a_onplaying [Html_sigs.T]
a_onpopstate [Html_sigs.T]
a_onprogress [Html_sigs.T]
a_onratechange [Html_sigs.T]
a_onreadystatechange [Html_sigs.T]
a_onredo [Html_sigs.T]
a_onrepeat [Svg_sigs.T]
a_onresize [Svg_sigs.T]
a_onresize [Html_sigs.T]
a_onscroll [Svg_sigs.T]
a_onscroll [Html_sigs.T]
a_onseeked [Html_sigs.T]
a_onseeking [Html_sigs.T]
a_onselect [Html_sigs.T]
a_onshow [Html_sigs.T]
a_onstalled [Html_sigs.T]
a_onstorage [Html_sigs.T]
a_onsubmit [Html_sigs.T]
a_onsuspend [Html_sigs.T]
a_ontimeupdate [Html_sigs.T]
a_ontouchcancel [Svg_sigs.T]
a_ontouchcancel [Html_sigs.T]
a_ontouchend [Svg_sigs.T]
a_ontouchend [Html_sigs.T]
a_ontouchmove [Svg_sigs.T]
a_ontouchmove [Html_sigs.T]
a_ontouchstart [Svg_sigs.T]

Javascript touch events

a_ontouchstart [Html_sigs.T]

Touch events

a_onundo [Html_sigs.T]
a_onunload [Svg_sigs.T]
a_onunload [Html_sigs.T]
a_onvolumechange [Html_sigs.T]
a_onwaiting [Html_sigs.T]
a_onzoom [Svg_sigs.T]
a_open [Html_sigs.T]
a_optimum [Html_sigs.T]
a_order [Svg_sigs.T]
a_orient [Svg_sigs.T]
a_orientation [Svg_sigs.T]
a_output_for [Html_sigs.T]
a_overline_position [Svg_sigs.T]
a_overline_thickness [Svg_sigs.T]
a_path [Svg_sigs.T]
a_pathLength [Svg_sigs.T]
a_pattern [Html_sigs.T]
a_patternContentUnits [Svg_sigs.T]
a_patternTransform [Svg_sigs.T]
a_patternUnits [Svg_sigs.T]
a_placeholder [Html_sigs.T]
a_points [Svg_sigs.T]
a_pointsAtX [Svg_sigs.T]
a_pointsAtY [Svg_sigs.T]
a_pointsAtZ [Svg_sigs.T]
a_poster [Html_sigs.T]
a_preload [Html_sigs.T]
a_preserveAlpha [Svg_sigs.T]
a_preserveAspectRatio [Svg_sigs.T]
a_primitiveUnits [Svg_sigs.T]
a_property [Html_sigs.T]
a_pubdate [Html_sigs.T]
a_r [Svg_sigs.T]
a_radiogroup [Html_sigs.T]
a_radius [Svg_sigs.T]
a_readonly [Html_sigs.T]
a_refX [Svg_sigs.T]
a_refY [Svg_sigs.T]
a_referrerpolicy [Html_sigs.T]
a_rel [Html_sigs.T]

This attribute describes the relationship from the current document to the anchor specified by the href attribute.

a_rendering_intent [Svg_sigs.T]
a_repeatCount [Svg_sigs.T]
a_repeatDur [Svg_sigs.T]
a_required [Html_sigs.T]
a_requiredExtensions [Svg_sigs.T]
a_requiredFeatures [Svg_sigs.T]

a_restart [Svg_sigs.T]
a_result [Svg_sigs.T]
a_reversed [Html_sigs.T]
a_role [Html_sigs.T]
a_rotate [Svg_sigs.T]
a_rows [Html_sigs.T]

This attribute specifies the number of visible text lines.

a_rowspan [Html_sigs.T]
a_rules [Html_sigs.T]

a_rx [Svg_sigs.T]
a_ry [Svg_sigs.T]
a_sandbox [Html_sigs.T]
a_scale [Svg_sigs.T]
a_scope [Html_sigs.T]

a_scoped [Html_sigs.T]
a_script_type [Html_sigs.T]
a_scrolling [Html_sigs.T]
a_seamless [Html_sigs.T]
a_seed [Svg_sigs.T]
a_selected [Html_sigs.T]

When set, this boolean attribute specifies that this option is pre-selected.

a_shape [Html_sigs.T]
a_size [Html_sigs.T]
a_sizes [Html_sigs.T]
a_slope [Svg_sigs.T]
a_spacing [Svg_sigs.T]
a_span [Html_sigs.T]
a_specularConstant [Svg_sigs.T]
a_specularExponent [Svg_sigs.T]
a_spellcheck [Html_sigs.T]
a_spreadMethod [Svg_sigs.T]
a_src [Html_sigs.T]
a_srclang [Html_sigs.T]

a_srcset [Html_sigs.T]
a_start [Html_sigs.T]
a_startOffset [Svg_sigs.T]
a_stdDeviation [Svg_sigs.T]
a_stemh [Svg_sigs.T]
a_stemv [Svg_sigs.T]
a_step [Html_sigs.T]
a_stitchTiles [Svg_sigs.T]
a_stop_color [Svg_sigs.T]
a_stop_opacity [Svg_sigs.T]
a_strikethrough_position [Svg_sigs.T]
a_strikethrough_thickness [Svg_sigs.T]
a_string [Svg_sigs.T]
a_stroke [Svg_sigs.T]
a_stroke_dasharray [Svg_sigs.T]
a_stroke_dashoffset [Svg_sigs.T]
a_stroke_linecap [Svg_sigs.T]
a_stroke_linejoin [Svg_sigs.T]
a_stroke_miterlimit [Svg_sigs.T]
a_stroke_opacity [Svg_sigs.T]
a_stroke_width [Svg_sigs.T]
a_style [Svg_sigs.T]
a_style [Html_sigs.T]
a_summary [Html_sigs.T]

a_surfaceScale [Svg_sigs.T]
a_systemLanguage [Svg_sigs.T]
a_tabindex [Html_sigs.T]

This attribute specifies the position of the current element in the tabbing order for the current document.

a_tableValues [Svg_sigs.T]
a_target [Svg_sigs.T]
a_target [Html_sigs.T]
a_targetX [Svg_sigs.T]
a_targetY [Svg_sigs.T]
a_textLength [Svg_sigs.T]
a_text_anchor [Svg_sigs.T]
a_text_decoration [Svg_sigs.T]
a_text_rendering [Svg_sigs.T]
a_text_value [Html_sigs.T]

This attribute specifies the initial value of the control.

a_title [Html_sigs.T]

This attribute offers advisory information about the element for which it is set.

a_to [Svg_sigs.T]
a_transfer_offset [Svg_sigs.T]
a_transfer_type [Svg_sigs.T]
a_transform [Svg_sigs.T]
a_translate [Html_sigs.T]
a_type [Svg_sigs.T]
a_u1 [Svg_sigs.T]
a_u2 [Svg_sigs.T]
a_underline_position [Svg_sigs.T]
a_underline_thickness [Svg_sigs.T]
a_unicode [Svg_sigs.T]
a_unicode_range [Svg_sigs.T]
a_units_per_em [Svg_sigs.T]
a_usemap [Html_sigs.T]
a_user_data [Svg_sigs.T]
a_user_data [Html_sigs.T]

May be used to specify custom attributes.

a_v_alphabetic [Svg_sigs.T]
a_v_hanging [Svg_sigs.T]
a_v_mathematical [Svg_sigs.T]
a_value [Html_sigs.T]
a_values [Svg_sigs.T]
a_version [Svg_sigs.T]

a_version [Html_sigs.T]
a_vert_adv_y [Svg_sigs.T]
a_vert_origin_x [Svg_sigs.T]
a_vert_origin_y [Svg_sigs.T]
a_videographic [Svg_sigs.T]
a_viewBox [Svg_sigs.T]
a_viewTarget [Svg_sigs.T]

a_width [Svg_sigs.T]
a_width [Html_sigs.T]
a_widths [Svg_sigs.T]
a_wrap [Html_sigs.T]
a_x [Svg_sigs.T]
a_x1 [Svg_sigs.T]
a_x2 [Svg_sigs.T]
a_xChannelSelector [Svg_sigs.T]
a_x_height [Svg_sigs.T]
a_x_list [Svg_sigs.T]
a_xlink_actuate [Svg_sigs.T]

a_xlink_href [Svg_sigs.T]

a_xlink_show [Svg_sigs.T]

a_xlink_title [Svg_sigs.T]

a_xml_base [Svg_sigs.T]

a_xml_lang [Svg_sigs.T]
a_xml_lang [Html_sigs.T]
a_xml_space [Svg_sigs.T]

a_xml_space [Html_sigs.T]
a_xmlns [Html_sigs.T]
a_y [Svg_sigs.T]
a_y1 [Svg_sigs.T]
a_y2 [Svg_sigs.T]
a_yChannelSelector [Svg_sigs.T]
a_y_list [Svg_sigs.T]
a_zoomAndPan [Svg_sigs.T]
abbr [Html_sigs.T]
acontent [Xml_sigs.Iterable]
add_comma_sep_attrib [Tyxml_xml]
add_comma_sep_attrib [Xml_iter.Make]
add_float_attrib [Xml_iter.Make]
add_int_attrib [Tyxml_xml]
add_int_attrib [Xml_iter.Make]
add_space_sep_attrib [Tyxml_xml]
add_space_sep_attrib [Xml_iter.Make]
add_string_attrib [Tyxml_xml]
add_string_attrib [Xml_iter.Make]
address [Html_sigs.T]
all_entities [Tyxml_xml]
all_entities [Xml_iter.Make]
altGlyph [Svg_sigs.T]

altGlyphDef [Svg_sigs.T]

altGlyphItem [Svg_sigs.T]

alternative_content_types [Xml_sigs.Info]
amap [Tyxml_xml]

Recursively edit attributes for the element and all its children.

amap [Xml_iter.Make]

Recursively edit attributes for the element and all its children.

amap1 [Tyxml_xml]

Edit attributes only for one element.

amap1 [Xml_iter.Make]

Edit attributes only for one element.

aname [Xml_sigs.Iterable]
animate [Svg_sigs.T]
animateColor [Svg_sigs.T]
animateMotion [Svg_sigs.T]
animateTransform [Svg_sigs.T]
animation [Svg_sigs.T]

append [Xml_wrap.T]
area [Html_sigs.T]
article [Html_sigs.T]
aside [Html_sigs.T]
audio [Html_sigs.T]

b [Html_sigs.T]
base [Html_sigs.T]
bdo [Html_sigs.T]
blockquote [Html_sigs.T]
body [Html_sigs.T]
br [Html_sigs.T]
button [Html_sigs.T]

canvas [Html_sigs.T]
caption [Html_sigs.T]
cdata [Html_sigs.T]
cdata [Xml_sigs.T]
cdata_script [Html_sigs.T]
cdata_script [Xml_sigs.T]
cdata_style [Html_sigs.T]
cdata_style [Xml_sigs.T]
circle [Svg_sigs.T]
cite [Html_sigs.T]
clipPath [Svg_sigs.T]
code [Html_sigs.T]
coerce_elt [Html_sigs.T.Unsafe]

Remove phantom type annotation on an element, to make it usable everywhere.

coerce_elt [Svg_sigs.T.Unsafe]

Remove phantom type annotation on an element, to make it usable everywhere.

col [Html_sigs.T]
colgroup [Html_sigs.T]
color_profile [Svg_sigs.T]

comma_sep_attrib [Html_sigs.T.Unsafe]

Same, for a comma separated list of values

comma_sep_attrib [Svg_sigs.T.Unsafe]

Same, for a comma separated list of values

comma_sep_attrib [Xml_sigs.T]
command [Html_sigs.T]
comment [Xml_sigs.T]
compose_decl [Xml_print]

encoding is the name of the character encoding, e.g.

compose_doctype [Xml_print]
concat [Xml_sigs.Output]
cons [Xml_wrap.T]
content [Xml_sigs.Iterable]
content_type [Xml_sigs.Info]
cursor [Svg_sigs.T]

data [Html_sigs.T.Unsafe]

Insert raw text without any encoding

data [Svg_sigs.T.Unsafe]

Insert raw text without any encoding

datalist [Html_sigs.T]
dd [Html_sigs.T]
defs [Svg_sigs.T]
del [Html_sigs.T]
desc [Svg_sigs.T]
details [Html_sigs.T]
dfn [Html_sigs.T]
dialog [Html_sigs.T]
div [Html_sigs.T]
dl [Html_sigs.T]
doc_toelt [Xml_sigs.Typed_xml]
doc_toelt [Svg_sigs.T]
doc_toelt [Html_sigs.T]
doctype [Xml_sigs.Info]
dt [Html_sigs.T]

ellipse [Svg_sigs.T]
em [Html_sigs.T]
embed [Html_sigs.T]
empty [Xml_sigs.Output]
empty [Xml_sigs.T]
emptytags [Xml_print.TagList]
emptytags [Xml_sigs.Info]
encode_unsafe_char [Xml_print]

The encoder maps strings to HTML and must encode the unsafe characters '<', '>', '"', '&' and the control characters 0-8, 11-12, 14-31, 127 to HTML entities.

encode_unsafe_char_and_at [Xml_print]

In addition, encode "@" as "&#64;" in the hope that this will fool simple minded email address harvesters.

encodedpcdata [Xml_sigs.T]
entity [Html_sigs.T]

entity "foo" is the HTML entity &foo;.

entity [Xml_sigs.T]
event_handler_attrib [Xml_sigs.T]
expand_expr [Tyxml_ppx]
expand_str_item [Tyxml_ppx]

feBlend [Svg_sigs.T]
feColorMatrix [Svg_sigs.T]
feComponentTransfer [Svg_sigs.T]
feComposite [Svg_sigs.T]
feConvolveMatrix [Svg_sigs.T]
feDiffuseLighting [Svg_sigs.T]
feDisplacementMap [Svg_sigs.T]
feDistantLight [Svg_sigs.T]
feFlood [Svg_sigs.T]
feFuncA [Svg_sigs.T]
feFuncB [Svg_sigs.T]
feFuncG [Svg_sigs.T]
feFuncR [Svg_sigs.T]
feGaussianBlur [Svg_sigs.T]
feImage [Svg_sigs.T]
feMerge [Svg_sigs.T]
feMorphology [Svg_sigs.T]
feOffset [Svg_sigs.T]
fePointLight [Svg_sigs.T]
feSpecularLighting [Svg_sigs.T]
feSpotLight [Svg_sigs.T]
feTile [Svg_sigs.T]
feTurbulence [Svg_sigs.T]
fieldset [Html_sigs.T]
figcaption [Html_sigs.T]
figure [Html_sigs.T]
filter [Svg_sigs.T]
float_attrib [Html_sigs.T.Unsafe]

Same, for float attribute

float_attrib [Svg_sigs.T.Unsafe]

Same, for float attribute

float_attrib [Xml_sigs.T]
fmap [Xml_wrap.T]
fold [Tyxml_xml]
fold [Xml_iter.Make]
font [Svg_sigs.T]

font_face [Svg_sigs.T]

font_face_format [Svg_sigs.T]

font_face_name [Svg_sigs.T]

font_face_src [Svg_sigs.T]

font_face_uri [Svg_sigs.T]

footer [Html_sigs.T]
foreignObject [Svg_sigs.T]
form [Html_sigs.T]

g [Svg_sigs.T]
glyph [Svg_sigs.T]

glyphRef [Svg_sigs.T]

h1 [Html_sigs.T]
h2 [Html_sigs.T]
h3 [Html_sigs.T]
h4 [Html_sigs.T]
h5 [Html_sigs.T]
h6 [Html_sigs.T]
head [Html_sigs.T]
header [Html_sigs.T]
hgroup [Html_sigs.T]
hkern [Svg_sigs.T]

hr [Html_sigs.T]
html [Html_sigs.T]

i [Html_sigs.T]
iframe [Html_sigs.T]
image [Svg_sigs.T]
img [Html_sigs.T]
input [Html_sigs.T]
ins [Html_sigs.T]
int_attrib [Html_sigs.T.Unsafe]

Same, for int attribute

int_attrib [Svg_sigs.T.Unsafe]

Same, for int attribute

int_attrib [Xml_sigs.T]

kbd [Html_sigs.T]
keyboard_event_handler_attrib [Xml_sigs.T]
keygen [Html_sigs.T]

label [Html_sigs.T]

Label authorizes only one control inside them that should be labelled with a for attribute (although it is not necessary).

leaf [Html_sigs.T.Unsafe]

Insert an XML node without children that is not implemented in this module.

leaf [Svg_sigs.T.Unsafe]

Insert an XML node without children that is not implemented in this module.

leaf [Xml_sigs.T]
legend [Html_sigs.T]
li [Html_sigs.T]
line [Svg_sigs.T]
linearGradient [Svg_sigs.T]
link [Html_sigs.T]

main [Html_sigs.T]
make [Xml_sigs.Output]
map [Html_sigs.T]
map [Xml_wrap.T]
map_float_attrib [Xml_iter.Make]
map_int_attrib [Tyxml_xml]
map_int_attrib [Xml_iter.Make]
map_string_attrib [Tyxml_xml]
map_string_attrib [Xml_iter.Make]
map_string_attrib_in_list [Tyxml_xml]
map_string_attrib_in_list [Xml_iter.Make]
mark [Html_sigs.T]
marker [Svg_sigs.T]
markup_to_expr [Tyxml_ppx]

Given the payload of a %html ... or %svg ... expression, converts it to a TyXML expression representing the markup contained therein.

menu [Html_sigs.T]
meta [Html_sigs.T]
metadata [Svg_sigs.T]
meter [Html_sigs.T]
missing_glyph [Svg_sigs.T]

mouse_event_handler_attrib [Xml_sigs.T]
mpath [Svg_sigs.T]

namespace [Xml_sigs.Info]
nav [Html_sigs.T]
nil [Xml_wrap.T]
node [Html_sigs.T.Unsafe]

Insert an XML node that is not implemented in this module.

node [Svg_sigs.T.Unsafe]

Insert an XML node that is not implemented in this module.

node [Xml_sigs.T]
normalize [Xml_print.Utf8]

normalize str take a possibly invalid utf-8 string and return a valid utf-8 string where invalid bytes have been replaced by the replacement character U+FFFD.

normalize_html [Xml_print.Utf8]

Same as normalize plus some extra work : It encode '<' , '>' , '"' , '&' characters with corresponding entities and replaced invalid html character by U+FFFD

noscript [Html_sigs.T]

object_ [Html_sigs.T]
of_seq [Tyxml_xml]
of_seq [Xml_stream.Import]
of_seq [Svg_sigs.T]

import signal converts the given XML signal into Tyxml elements.

of_seq [Html_sigs.T]

import signal converts the given XML signal into Tyxml elements.

ol [Html_sigs.T]
onoff_of_bool [Html_sigs.Wrapped_functions]
optgroup [Html_sigs.T]
option [Html_sigs.T]
output_elt [Html_sigs.T]

p [Html_sigs.T]
param [Html_sigs.T]
path [Svg_sigs.T]
pattern [Svg_sigs.T]
pcdata [Svg_sigs.T]

pcdata [Html_sigs.T]

pcdata [Xml_sigs.T]
picture [Html_sigs.T]
polygon [Svg_sigs.T]
polyline [Svg_sigs.T]
pp [Tyxml_svg]

pp () is a Format printer for Svg documents.

pp [Tyxml_html]

pp () is a Format printer for Html documents.

pp [Xml_sigs.Pp]

pp () is a Format printer for untyped XML.

pp [Xml_sigs.Typed_pp]

pp () is a Format printer for complete documents.

pp_elt [Tyxml_svg]

pp_elt () is a Format printer for Svg elements.

pp_elt [Tyxml_html]

pp_elt () is a Format printer for Html elements.

pp_elt [Xml_sigs.Typed_pp]

pp_elt () is a Format printer for individual elements.

pp_number [Xml_print]
pre [Html_sigs.T]
print [Tyxml_xml]
print [Xml_sigs.Typed_simple_printer]
print [Xml_sigs.Typed_printer]
print_list [Tyxml_xml]
print_list [Xml_sigs.Typed_simple_printer]
print_list [Xml_sigs.Simple_printer]
print_list [Xml_sigs.Typed_printer]
print_list [Xml_sigs.Printer]
progress [Html_sigs.T]
put [Xml_sigs.Output]

q [Html_sigs.T]

radialGradient [Svg_sigs.T]
rect [Svg_sigs.T]
return [Xml_wrap.T]
rm_attrib [Tyxml_xml]
rm_attrib [Xml_iter.Make]
rm_attrib_from_list [Tyxml_xml]
rm_attrib_from_list [Xml_iter.Make]
rp [Html_sigs.T]
rt [Html_sigs.T]
ruby [Html_sigs.T]

samp [Html_sigs.T]
script [Svg_sigs.T]
script [Html_sigs.T]
section [Html_sigs.T]
select [Html_sigs.T]
set [Svg_sigs.T]
singleton [Xml_wrap.T]
small [Html_sigs.T]
source [Html_sigs.T]
space [Html_sigs.T]
space_sep_attrib [Html_sigs.T.Unsafe]

Same, for a space separated list of values

space_sep_attrib [Svg_sigs.T.Unsafe]

Same, for a space separated list of values

space_sep_attrib [Xml_sigs.T]
span [Html_sigs.T]
standard [Xml_sigs.Info]
stop [Svg_sigs.T]
string_attrib [Html_sigs.T.Unsafe]

Insert an attribute that is not implemented in this module.

string_attrib [Svg_sigs.T.Unsafe]

Insert an attribute that is not implemented in this module.

string_attrib [Xml_sigs.T]
string_of_alignment_baseline [Svg_sigs.Wrapped_functions]
string_of_autocomplete [Html_sigs.Wrapped_functions]
string_of_big_variant [Svg_sigs.Wrapped_functions]
string_of_big_variant [Html_sigs.Wrapped_functions]
string_of_bool [Svg_sigs.Wrapped_functions]
string_of_bool [Html_sigs.Wrapped_functions]
string_of_character [Html_sigs.Wrapped_functions]
string_of_coords [Svg_sigs.Wrapped_functions]
string_of_dominant_baseline [Svg_sigs.Wrapped_functions]
string_of_fill_rule [Svg_sigs.Wrapped_functions]
string_of_fourfloats [Svg_sigs.Wrapped_functions]
string_of_in_value [Svg_sigs.Wrapped_functions]
string_of_input_type [Html_sigs.Wrapped_functions]
string_of_int [Svg_sigs.Wrapped_functions]
string_of_length [Svg_sigs.Wrapped_functions]
string_of_lengths [Svg_sigs.Wrapped_functions]
string_of_linktypes [Html_sigs.Wrapped_functions]
string_of_mediadesc [Html_sigs.Wrapped_functions]
string_of_number [Xml_print]

Convert a float to a string using a compact representation compatible with the Javascript norm.

string_of_number [Svg_sigs.Wrapped_functions]
string_of_number_optional_number [Svg_sigs.Wrapped_functions]
string_of_number_or_datetime [Html_sigs.Wrapped_functions]
string_of_numbers [Svg_sigs.Wrapped_functions]
string_of_numbers [Html_sigs.Wrapped_functions]
string_of_numbers_semicolon [Svg_sigs.Wrapped_functions]
string_of_offset [Svg_sigs.Wrapped_functions]
string_of_orient [Svg_sigs.Wrapped_functions]
string_of_paint [Svg_sigs.Wrapped_functions]
string_of_referrerpolicy [Html_sigs.Wrapped_functions]
string_of_sandbox [Html_sigs.Wrapped_functions]
string_of_script_type [Html_sigs.Wrapped_functions]
string_of_sizes [Html_sigs.Wrapped_functions]
string_of_srcset [Html_sigs.Wrapped_functions]
string_of_step [Html_sigs.Wrapped_functions]
string_of_strokedasharray [Svg_sigs.Wrapped_functions]
string_of_transform [Svg_sigs.Wrapped_functions]
string_of_transforms [Svg_sigs.Wrapped_functions]
string_of_uri [Svg_sigs.T]
string_of_uri [Html_sigs.T]
string_of_uri [Xml_sigs.T]
strong [Html_sigs.T]
style [Svg_sigs.T]
style [Html_sigs.T]
sub [Html_sigs.T]
summary [Html_sigs.T]
sup [Html_sigs.T]
svg [Svg_sigs.T]
svg [Html_sigs.T]
switch [Svg_sigs.T]
symbol [Svg_sigs.T]

table [Html_sigs.T]
tablex [Html_sigs.T]
tbody [Html_sigs.T]
td [Html_sigs.T]
template [Html_sigs.T]
text [Svg_sigs.T]
textPath [Svg_sigs.T]
textarea [Html_sigs.T]
tfoot [Html_sigs.T]
th [Html_sigs.T]
thead [Html_sigs.T]
time [Html_sigs.T]
title [Svg_sigs.T]
title [Html_sigs.T]
to_attrib [Svg_sigs.T]
to_attrib [Html_sigs.T]
to_xmlattribs [Svg_sigs.T]
to_xmlattribs [Html_sigs.T]
toelt [Xml_sigs.Typed_xml]
toelt [Svg_sigs.T]
toelt [Html_sigs.T]
toeltl [Svg_sigs.T]
toeltl [Html_sigs.T]
tot [Svg_sigs.T]
tot [Html_sigs.T]
totl [Svg_sigs.T]
totl [Html_sigs.T]
touch_event_handler_attrib [Xml_sigs.T]
tr [Html_sigs.T]
translate [Tyxml_xml]
translate [Xml_iter.Make]
tref [Svg_sigs.T]

tspan [Svg_sigs.T]
txt [Svg_sigs.T]
txt [Html_sigs.T]

u [Html_sigs.T]
ul [Html_sigs.T]
unoption_string [Html_sigs.Wrapped_functions]
uri_attrib [Html_sigs.T.Unsafe]

Same, for URI attribute

uri_attrib [Svg_sigs.T.Unsafe]

Same, for URI attribute

uri_attrib [Xml_sigs.T]
uri_of_string [Svg_sigs.T]
uri_of_string [Html_sigs.T]
uri_of_string [Xml_sigs.T]
uris_attrib [Xml_sigs.T]
use [Svg_sigs.T]

var [Html_sigs.T]
version [Xml_sigs.Info]
video [Html_sigs.T]
view [Svg_sigs.T]
vkern [Svg_sigs.T]

wbr [Html_sigs.T]