Warning: Reason support is experimental. We are looking for beta-tester and contributors.

Module Eliom_registration.Redirection

module Redirection : sig..end

Eliom service registration for services that returns a redirections towards another service. See the Eliom manual for more information about Redirections outputs.

The default returned HTTP code is 302 Found. You could use the optional parameter ~options to change this value:

  • `MovedPermanently to return 301 Moved Permanently.
  • `Found to return 302 Found.
  • `SeeOther to return 303 See Other.
  • `NotNodifed to return 304 Not Modified.
  • `UseProxy to return 305 Use Proxy.
  • `TemporaryRedirect to return 307 Temporary Redirect.

include Eliom_registration_sigs.S_poly_with_create
val send : 
  ?options:options ->
  ?charset:string ->
  ?code:int ->
  ?content_type:string ->
  ?headers:Ocsigen_header.t ->
  'a page -> 'b Eliom_registration.kind Lwt.t

More polymorphic version of Eliom_registration_sigs.send