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Index of exceptions

Client_value_creation_invalid_context [Eliom_client_value]

Raised if a client value of the given closure ID is created at a point in time where it is neither global (i.e.

Eliom_404 [Eliom_common]

Page not found

Eliom_Session_expired [Eliom_common]
Eliom_Typing_Error [Eliom_common]

The service (GET or POST) parameters do not match expected type

Eliom_Wrong_parameter [Eliom_common]

Service called with wrong parameter names

Eliom_site_information_not_available [Eliom_common]

That function cannot be used when the site information is not available, that is, outside a request or the initialisation phase of your Eliom module (while reading the configuration file).

Eref_not_initialized [Eliom_reference]

Exception raised when trying to access an eref that has not been initaliazed, when we don't want to initialize it.

Not_ready [Eliom_cscache]

Wrong_scope [Eliom_state.Ext]

Exception raised when you try to access a reference belonging to a scope different to the state's scope