Warning: Reason support is experimental. We are looking for beta-tester and contributors.

Module Lwt_log.​Section

module Section : sig..end


type t = Lwt_log.section
val make : string -> Lwt_log.section

make name creates a section with the given name. Two calls to Lwt_log.​Section.​make with the same name will return the same section object.

val name : Lwt_log.section -> string

name section returns the name of section.

val main : Lwt_log.section

The main section. It is the section used by default when no one is provided.

val level : Lwt_log.section -> Lwt_log.level

level section returns the logging level of section.

val set_level : Lwt_log.section -> Lwt_log.level -> unit

set_level section sets the logging level of the given section. Modifications of rules using Lwt_log.​add_rule won't affect the level of this section after this operation.

val reset_level : Lwt_log.section -> unit

reset_level section resets the level of section to its default value, i.e. to the value obtained by applying rules.