Index of values

(<&>) [Lwt]

t <&> t' is the same as join [t; t']

(<?>) [Lwt]

t <?> t' is the same as choose [t; t']

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t >>= f is an alternative notation for bind t f.

(>|=) [Lwt]

m >|= f is map f m

abort [Lwt_unix]

abort fd exn makes all current and further uses of the file descriptor fail with the given exception.

abort [Lwt_io]

abort ch abort current operations and close the channel immediatly.

abort [Lwt_ssl]
abort_jobs [Lwt_unix]

abort_jobs exn make all pending jobs to fail with exn.

accept [Lwt_unix]

Wrapper for Unix.accept

accept [Lwt_read_line.​Control]

accept instance = send_command instance Command.Accept_line

accept_n [Lwt_unix]

accept_n fd count accepts up to count connection in one time.

access [Lwt_unix]

Wrapper for Unix.access

accum_s [Lwt_react.​S]
accum_s [Lwt_react.​E]
accum_s [Lwt_signal]
accum_s [Lwt_event]
add [Lwt_pqueue.​S]
add_entry [Lwt_read_line]

add_entry line history returns the history history plus line at the beginning.

add_hook [Lwt_switch]

add_hook switch f registers f so it will be called when Lwt_switch.​turn_off is invoked.

add_hook_or_exec [Lwt_switch]

add_hook_or_exec switch f is the same as Lwt_switch.​add_hook except that if the switch is already off, then f is called immediatly.

add_l [Lwt_sequence]

add_l x s adds x to the left of the sequence s

add_r [Lwt_sequence]

add_l x s adds x to the right of the sequence s

add_rule [Lwt_log]

add_rule pattern level adds a rule for sections logging levels.

add_task_l [Lwt]

add_task_l seq creates a sleeping thread, adds its wakener to the left of seq and returns its waiter.

add_task_r [Lwt]

add_task_r seq creates a sleeping thread, adds its wakener to the right of seq and returns its waiter.

all_input [Lwt_read_line.​Engine]

Returns the current complete user input.

always_notify [Lwt_signal]
always_notify [Lwt_event]
always_notify_p [Lwt_signal]
always_notify_p [Lwt_event]
always_notify_s [Lwt_signal]
always_notify_s [Lwt_event]
app_p [Lwt_react.​E]
app_p [Lwt_event]
app_s [Lwt_react.​S]
app_s [Lwt_react.​E]
app_s [Lwt_signal]
app_s [Lwt_event]
append [Lwt_stream]

append s1 s2 returns a stream which returns all elements of s1, then all elements of s2

append_rule [Lwt_log]

append_rule pattern level adds the given rule after all other rules.

async [Lwt]

async f starts a thread without waiting for the result.

async_exception_hook [Lwt]

Function called when a asynchronous exception is thrown.

async_method [Lwt_unix]

async_method () returns the async method used in the current thread.

async_method_key [Lwt_unix]

The key for storing the local async method.

at_exit [Lwt_main]

at_exit hook adds hook at the left of exit_hooks

atomic [Lwt_io]

atomic f transforms a sequence of io operations into one single atomic io operation.

atomic [Lwt_text]
auto_yield [Lwt_unix]

auto_yield timeout returns a function f which will yield every timeout seconds.

bg [Lwt_term]

bg col = Background col

bind [Lwt_unix]

Wrapper for Unix.bind

bind [Lwt_react.​S]

bind ?eq s f is initially f x where x is the current value of s.

bind [Lwt_signal]
bind [Lwt]

bind t f is a thread which first waits for the thread t to terminate and then, if the thread succeeds, behaves as the application of function f to the return value of t.

bind_s [Lwt_react.​S]

Same as Lwt_react.​S.​bind except that f returns a thread.

black [Lwt_term]
blank [Lwt_term]

A space with default color and styles

blink [Lwt_term]
blit [Lwt_bytes]

blit buf1 ofs1 buf2 ofs2 len copy len bytes from buf1 starting at offset ofs1 to buf2 starting at offset ofs2.

blit_bytes_string [Lwt_bytes]

Same as blit but the second buffer is a string instead of a byte array.

blit_string_bytes [Lwt_bytes]

Same as blit but the first buffer is a string instead of a byte array.

block [Lwt_io]

block ch size f pass to f the internal buffer and an offset.

blocking [Lwt_unix]

blocking fd returns whether fd is used in blocking or non-blocking mode.

blue [Lwt_term]
bold [Lwt_term]
broadcast [Lwt_log]

broadcast loggers is a logger which send messages to all the given loggers.

broadcast [Lwt_condition]

broadcast condvar value notifies all waiting threads.

buffer_size [Lwt_io]

Returns the size of the internal buffer.

buffered [Lwt_io]

buffered oc returns the number of bytes in the buffer

byte_channel [Lwt_text]

byte_channel ch returns the underlying byte channel of a text channel

byte_order [Lwt_sys]

The byte order used by the computer running the program.