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Index of types

access_permission [Lwt_unix]
addr_info [Lwt_unix]
advice [Lwt_bytes]

Type of advise that can be sent to the kernel by the program.

async_method [Lwt_unix]

For system calls that cannot be made asynchronously, Lwt uses one of the following method:

box [Lwt_read_line.Terminal]

Box for the completion:

byte_order [Lwt_sys]
byte_order [Lwt_io]

channel [Lwt_io]

Type of buffered byte channels

channel [Lwt_text]

Type of a text channel

color [Lwt_term]

Type of a color.

command [Lwt_process]

A command.

completion [Lwt_read_line]

Type of a completion function.

completion_mode [Lwt_read_line]

The completion mode.

completion_result [Lwt_read_line]

Result of a completion function:

credentials [Lwt_unix]

dir_handle [Lwt_unix]
direct_access [Lwt_io]

Informations for accessing directly to the internal buffer of a channel

edition_state [Lwt_read_line]

An edition state, it is a pair of two UTF-8 encoded strings:

elt [Lwt_pqueue.S]
ev_loop [Lwt_engine]

Type of libev loops.

event [Lwt_engine]

Type of events.

event [Lwt_react]

Type of events.

feature [Lwt_sys]

Features that can be tested.

file_descr [Lwt_unix]

The abstract type for file descriptors.

file_kind [Lwt_unix]
file_name [Lwt_io]

Type of file names

file_perm [Lwt_unix]
flow_action [Lwt_unix]
flush_queue [Lwt_unix]

getaddrinfo_option [Lwt_unix]
getnameinfo_option [Lwt_unix]
group_entry [Lwt_unix]

history [Lwt_read_line]

Type of an history

host_entry [Lwt_unix]

in_channel [Lwt_chan]

Cooperative input channels

inet_addr [Lwt_unix]
input [Lwt_io]

Input mode

input_channel [Lwt_io]

Type of input channels

input_channel [Lwt_text]

Type of a text input channel

io_event [Lwt_unix]
io_vector [Lwt_bytes]
io_vector [Lwt_unix]

An io-vector.

job [Lwt_unix]

Type of job descriptions.

key [Lwt_throttle.S]
key [Lwt_term]

Type of ``decoded'' keys.

key [Lwt]

Type of a key.

level [Lwt_log]

Type of log levels.

lock_command [Lwt_unix]
logger [Lwt_log]

Type of a logger.

mode [Lwt_io]

Channel mode

mode [Lwt_read_line.Engine]

The engine mode:

msg_flag [Lwt_unix]

name_info [Lwt_unix]
node [Lwt_sequence]

Type of a node holding one value of type 'a in a sequence

notifier [Lwt_signal]
notifier [Lwt_event]

open_flag [Lwt_unix]
out_channel [Lwt_chan]
output [Lwt_io]

Output mode

output_channel [Lwt_io]

Type of output channels

output_channel [Lwt_text]

Type of a text output channel

passwd_entry [Lwt_unix]
password_style [Lwt_read_line]

Style which indicate how the password is echoed to the user:

point [Lwt_term]

A character on the screen:

process_status [Lwt_unix]
prompt [Lwt_read_line.Control]

The prompt a signal which may depends on the engine state

prompt [Lwt_read_line]

A prompt.

protocol_entry [Lwt_unix]

redirection [Lwt_process]

A file descriptor redirection.

region [Lwt_util]
resource_usage [Lwt_unix]

Resource usages

result [Lwt_stream]

A value or an error.

result [Lwt]

Either a value of type 'a, either an exception.

search_state [Lwt_read_line.Engine]

State when searching in the history

section [Lwt_log]

Each logging message has a section.

seek_command [Lwt_unix]
selection_state [Lwt_read_line.Engine]

State when the user is doing selection:

server [Lwt_io]

Type of a server

service_entry [Lwt_unix]
setattr_when [Lwt_unix]
shutdown_command [Lwt_unix]
signal [Lwt_react]

Type of signals.

signal_handler_id [Lwt_unix]

Id of a signal handler, used to cancel it

size [Lwt_term]

Terminal sizes:

sockaddr [Lwt_unix]
socket [Lwt_ssl]

Wrapper for SSL sockets.

socket_bool_option [Lwt_unix]
socket_domain [Lwt_unix]
socket_float_option [Lwt_unix]
socket_int_option [Lwt_unix]
socket_optint_option [Lwt_unix]
socket_type [Lwt_unix]
state [Lwt_unix]

State of a file descriptor

state [Lwt_process]

State of a sub-process

state [Lwt_read_line.Control]

State of an instance

state [Lwt_read_line.Terminal]

State of rendering

state [Lwt_read_line.Engine]

An engine state:

state [Lwt]

State of a thread

stats [Lwt_unix.LargeFile]
stats [Lwt_unix]
style [Lwt_term]

Character styles

styled_text [Lwt_term]

A styled text is a list of instructions

styled_text_instruction [Lwt_term]

Elmement of a styled-text

syslog_facility [Lwt_log]

Syslog facility.

t [Lwt_bytes]

Type of array of bytes.

t [Lwt_timeout]
t [Lwt_throttle.S]
t [Lwt_log.Section]
t [Lwt_read_line.Control]

Type of a running read-line instance, returning a value of type 'a

t [Lwt_read_line.Command]

Type of all read-line function:

t [Lwt_term.Zone]
t [Lwt_pqueue.OrderedType]
t [Lwt_pqueue.S]
t [Lwt_switch]

Type of switches.

t [Lwt_stream]

Type of a stream holding values of type 'a

t [Lwt_sequence]

Type of a sequence holding values of type 'a

t [Lwt_pool]

Type of pools

t [Lwt_mvar]

The type of a mailbox variable.

t [Lwt_mutex]

Type of Lwt mutexes

t [Lwt]

The type of threads returning a result of type 'a.

t [Lwt_condition]

Condition variable type.

template [Lwt_log]

A template is for generating log messages.

terminal_io [Lwt_unix]
text_set [Lwt_read_line]

u [Lwt]

The type of thread wakeners.

wait_flag [Lwt_unix]