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Module Lwt_term.Zone

module Zone : sig..end

Off-screen zones

type t = {
  points: Lwt_term.point array array;(* The off-screen matrix *)  x: int;  y: int;(* Absolute coordinates of the top-left corner of the zone *)  width: int;  height: int;(* Dimmensions of the zone *)}
val points : t -> Lwt_term.point array array
val x : t -> int
val y : t -> int
val width : t -> int
val height : t -> int
val make : width:int -> height:int -> t

Make a new zone where all points are initialized to Lwt_term.blank

val sub : 
  zone:t ->
  x:int -> y:int -> width:int -> height:int -> t

sub ~zone ~x ~y ~width ~height creates a sub-zone of zone. x and y are relatives to the zone top left corner. Raises Invalid_argument if the sub zone is not included in zone

val inner : t -> t

inner zone returns the inner part of zone