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Module type Eliom_content_sigs.LINKS_AND_FORMS

module type LINKS_AND_FORMS = sig..end

type +'a elt
type +'a attrib
type uri
type ('_, '_, '_) star
type 'a form_param
type ('a, 'b, 'c) lazy_star = 
  ?a:'a attrib list ->
  'b elt list Eliom_lazy.request ->
  'c elt
val lazy_form : 
  ([< Html_types.form_attrib ], [< Html_types.form_content_fun ],
   [> Html_types.form ])
include Eliom_form_sigs.LINKS
module Form : 
with type +'a elt := 'a elt
and type +'a attrib := 'a attrib
and type uri := uri
and type 'a param = 'a form_param