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Module Eliom_parameter

module Eliom_parameter : sig..end

include Eliom_parameter_sigs.S
val user_type : 
  of_string:(string -> 'a) ->
  to_string:('a -> string) ->
  string ->
  ('a, [ `WithoutSuffix ], [ `One of 'a ] param_name) params_type

Specifying parameter as user_type ~of_string ~to_string s tells that the service take a parameter, labeled s, and that the server will have to use of_string and to_string to make the conversion between the OCaml representation of the parameter and it's external representation as a string. It allows one to use whatever type you want for a parameter of the service.

val all_suffix_user : 
  of_string:(string -> 'a) ->
  to_string:('a -> string) ->
  string -> ('a, [ `Endsuffix ], [ `One of 'a ] param_name) params_type

Takes the whole suffix, as long as possible, with a type specified by the user.

val reconstruct_params_form : 
  (string * Js_of_ocaml.Form.form_elt) list ->
  ('a, [< suff ], 'b) params_type -> 'a option
val get_non_localized_get_parameters : 
  ('a, [ `WithoutSuffix ], 'b) non_localized_params -> 'a option