Index of class methods

a_level [Forum_widgets]
apply [Widget]
apply [Widget]
atom_childs [Forum_widgets]
atom_entries [Forum_widgets]
atom_entry [Forum_widgets]

atom feed generation

atom_message_list [Forum_widgets]

bind_or_display_error [Widget]

Takes a thread that gets data (e.g.

box_menu [Wiki_widgets]
bt_remove_user_from_group [User_widgets]

can_admin_wiki [Wikiperso]
can_admin_wiki [Wiki]
can_admin_wiki [Wiki_types]
can_admin_wikibox [Wikiperso]
can_admin_wikibox [Wiki]
can_admin_wikibox [Wiki_types]
can_admin_wikipage [Wikiperso]
can_admin_wikipage [Wiki]
can_admin_wikipage [Wiki_types]
can_create_subwikiboxes [Wikiperso]
can_create_subwikiboxes [Wiki]
can_create_subwikiboxes [Wiki_types]
can_create_wiki [Wikiperso]
can_create_wiki [Wiki]
can_create_wiki [Wiki_types]
can_create_wikiboxes [Wikiperso]
can_create_wikiboxes [Wiki]
can_create_wikiboxes [Wiki_types]
can_create_wikicss [Wikiperso]
can_create_wikicss [Wiki]
can_create_wikicss [Wiki_types]
can_create_wikipagecss [Wikiperso]
can_create_wikipagecss [Wiki]
can_create_wikipagecss [Wiki_types]
can_create_wikipages [Wikiperso]
can_create_wikipages [Wiki]
can_create_wikipages [Wiki_types]
can_delete_wiki [Wiki]
can_delete_wiki [Wiki_types]
can_delete_wikiboxes [Wikiperso]
can_delete_wikiboxes [Wiki]
can_delete_wikiboxes [Wiki_types]
can_edit_metadata [Wikiperso]
can_edit_metadata [Wiki]
can_edit_metadata [Wiki_types]
can_read_wikibox [Wiki]
can_read_wikibox [Wiki_types]
can_set_wiki_permissions [Wiki]
can_set_wiki_permissions [Wiki_types]
can_set_wikibox_specific_permissions [Wikiperso]
can_set_wikibox_specific_permissions [Wiki]
can_set_wikibox_specific_permissions [Wiki_types]
can_upload_files [Wiki]
can_upload_files [Wiki_types]
can_view_history [Wiki]
can_view_history [Wiki_types]
can_view_oldversions [Wiki]
can_view_oldversions [Wiki_types]
can_view_oldversions_src [Wiki]
can_view_oldversions_src [Wiki_types]
can_view_src [Wiki]
can_view_src [Wiki_types]
can_view_static_files [Wiki]
can_view_static_files [Wiki_types]
can_write_wikibox [Wikiperso]
can_write_wikibox [Wiki]
can_write_wikibox [Wiki_types]
css_header [Wiki_widgets]
css_header [Wiki_widgets_interface]

Returns the css headers for one wiki and optionally one page.

css_wikibox_text [Wiki_widgets]

display [Forum_widgets]
display [Forum_widgets]
display [Forum_widgets]
display [Forum_widgets]
display_admin_line [Forum_widgets]
display_all_forums [Forum_widgets]
display_all_wikis [Wiki_widgets]
display_all_wikis [Wiki_widgets_interface]

Display of the list of all the wikis, as well as of some links to edit their properties

display_basic_box [Wiki_widgets]
display_basic_box [Wiki_widgets_interface]

Displays some xhtml elements inside a <div>

display_comment_line [Forum_widgets]
display_container [Wiki_widgets]
display_container [Wiki_widgets_interface]

Adds the container of the wiki around some content.

display_css_edit_form [Wiki_widgets]
display_css_edit_form [Wiki_widgets_interface]

Displays the edition form for the wikibox wbcss, which is supposed to contain a CSS.

display_css_history [Wiki_widgets]
display_css_history [Wiki_widgets_interface]

Display the history of the wikibox wb, which is supposed to contain a CSS.

display_edit_css_list [Wiki_widgets]
display_edit_wiki_metadata [Wiki_widgets]

Form to edit the description and container of a wiki

display_edit_wiki_option_form [Wiki_widgets]
display_edit_wiki_perm_form [Wiki_widgets]

Form for the permissions of a wiki; The wb argument is the wikibox which will be overridden with an error message if the save fails

display_edit_wiki_perm_form [Wiki_widgets_interface]

Display a form permitting to edit the permissions of the given wiki.

display_edit_wikibox_perm_form [Wiki_widgets]

As usual, the function supposes that the user has enough rights to change the permissions, as this will be checked by the service (and the user should not have access to the page otherwise).

display_edit_wikibox_perm_form [Wiki_widgets_interface]

Display a form to edit the permissions of the given wikibox

display_edit_wikipage_properties [Wiki_widgets]
display_error_box [Wiki_widgets]