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Functor Eliom_registration.​App

module App : functor (Appl_params : APPL_PARAMS) -> 

Functor for application creation.

Parameters :


val set_client_fun : 
  ?app:string ->
  service:('a, 'b, 'c, 'd, 'e, 'f, 'g,
   [< `WithSuffix | `WithoutSuffix ], 'h, 'i, 'j)
   Eliom_service.t ->
  ('a -> 'b -> unit Lwt.t) Eliom_client_value.t -> unit

Attach a client function to a service, that will be used instead of calling the server to generate the page.

val application_script : 
  ?defer:bool ->
  ?async:bool -> unit -> [> `Script ] Eliom_content.Html.elt

The function application_name () returns a <script> node that represents the javascript part of the application. If you do not include this script in the <head> node of your page, it will be automatically added at the end of the <head> node.

val application_name : string

Unique identifier for this application. Currently, it is just the application name as defined by Appl_params.application_name.

Warning: do not mix up with the "application instance id", that is unique for each instance of the application on a client.

val is_initial_request : unit -> bool

Checks during a request whether it is the initial request of the client process in this Eliom application.

type app_id

The type appl is an abstract type for identifying an application. It usually used a phantom parameter for Eliom_registration.​application_content.

include Eliom_reg_sigs.​S