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Module Eliom_service

module Eliom_service : sig..end

Creation and manipulation of Eliom services.

See the Eliom manual for a detailed introduction to the concept of Eliom services.

The main functions to create services are documented in Eliom_service_sigs.​S.

include Eliom_service_sigs.​S

Static loading of Eliom modules

This functionality allows one to register initialization functions for Eliom modules which will be executed when the corresponding module is loaded in ocsigenserver.conf. If the module is loaded dynamically, you probably don't need this. But if the module is linked statically, some computations, like service registrations must be delayed.

val register_eliom_module : string -> (unit -> unit) -> unit

The function register_eliom_module mod f is used to register the initialization function f to be executed when then module mod is loaded by Ocsigen server. The module mod could either be a dynamically loaded module or linked statically into the server: in each case, the f function will be invoked when the module is initialized in the configuration file using <eliommodule ...> ... </eliommodule>. If register_eliom_module is called twice with the same module name, the second initialization function will replace the previous one.

val unregister : 
  ?scope:[< Eliom_common.scope ] ->
  ?secure:bool ->
  ('a, 'b, 'c, 'd, 'e, non_ext, 'f, [< `WithSuffix | `WithoutSuffix ],
   'g, 'h, 'i)
  t -> unit

The function unregister service unregister the service handler previously associated to service with Eliom_registration.Html.register, Eliom_registration.App.register or any other Eliom_registration.*.register functions. See the documentation of those functions for a description of the ~scope and ~secure optional parameters.

val is_external : 
  ('a, 'b, 'c, 'd, 'e, 'f, 'g, [< `WithSuffix | `WithoutSuffix ], 'h,
   'i, 'j)
  t -> bool

Returns whether it is an external service or not.