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Index of types

all_scope [Eliom_common]
app_id [Eliom_registration.​ELIOM_APPL]

The type appl is an abstract type for identifying an application.

appl [Eliom_service_sigs.​TYPES]
appl_service_options [Eliom_registration]

Type for the options of an Eliom application service.

application_content [Eliom_registration]

The type application_content is a refinement of appl_service to be used as a phantom type parameters for Eliom_registration.​kind.

att [Eliom_service_sigs.​S]
attached_info [Eliom_service_sigs.​S]
attrib [Eliom_content.​Html]
attrib [Eliom_content.​Svg]
attrib [Eliom_form_sigs.​LINKS]
attrib [Eliom_form_sigs.​S]
attrib [Eliom_content_sigs.​LINKS_AND_FORMS]
authentication_result [Eliom_openid]

The result of an authentication.

author [Atom_feed]

base [Atom_feed]
binsum [Eliom_parameter_sigs.​S]

Helpers type used for parameters of type binary sum, see Eliom_parameter_sigs.​S.​sum.

block_content [Eliom_registration]

The type block_content is to be used as a phantom type parameter for Eliom_registration.​kind.

browser_content [Eliom_registration]

The type browser_content is to be used as a phantom type parameter for Eliom_registration.​kind.

button_type [Eliom_form_sigs]

caml_event_handler [Eliom_content.​Xml]

Values of type 'a caml_event_handler represents event handler build with the {{ ... }} syntax (see the Eliom manual for more information on syntax extension).

category [Atom_feed]
chandle [Eliom_shared_sigs.​RLIST]
check_fun [Eliom_openid]

The type of the authenticate function.

client_process_scope [Eliom_common]
co [Eliom_service_sigs.​TYPES]
comet_scope [Eliom_comet.​Channel]
content [Atom_feed]
contributor [Atom_feed]
cookie [Eliom_cookie]

HTTP cookies representation.

cookie_level [Eliom_common]
cookie_scope [Eliom_common]
cookieset [Eliom_cookie]

Set of cookie, grouped by path.

coordinates [Eliom_parameter_sigs.​S]

The type coordinates represents the data sent by an <input type="image" ...>.

ct [Eliom_shared_sigs.​RLIST]

Client-side version of 'a t

data_cookie_info [Eliom_state.​Ext]
dateConstruct [Atom_feed]
delete [Eliom_service_sigs.​TYPES]

eliom_extension_sig [Eliom_extension]

Type of the function that must be registered to declare an eliom extension.

elt [Eliom_content.​Html]
elt [Eliom_content.​Svg]
elt [Eliom_form_sigs.​LINKS]
elt [Eliom_form_sigs.​S]
elt [Eliom_content_sigs.​LINKS_AND_FORMS]
emailAddress [Atom_feed]
entry [Atom_feed]
entryOAttr [Atom_feed]

Children tags allowed for the entry tag

eref [Eliom_reference.​Volatile]

The type of volatile Eliom references.

eref [Eliom_reference]

The type of Eliom references whose content is of type 'a.

eref' [Eliom_reference]

Eliom references come in two flavors: they may be stored persistently or the may be volatile.

ext [Eliom_service_sigs.​TYPES]
extension [Eliom_openid]

An extension yielding values of type 'a

feed [Eliom_atom]

Needed when used with Pubsubhubbub

feed [Atom_feed]
feedOAttr [Atom_feed]

Children tags allowed for the feed tag

field [Eliom_openid]

A field you can request to the provider

file_info [Eliom_lib]
form_param [Eliom_content.​Html]
form_param [Eliom_content_sigs.​LINKS_AND_FORMS]
full_state_name [Eliom_common]

generator [Atom_feed]
get [Eliom_service_sigs.​TYPES]
global_scope [Eliom_common]

handle [Eliom_shared.​FakeReactiveData.​RList]
handle [Eliom_shared_sigs.​RLIST]
hierarchical_site [Eliom_tools]

Hierarchical sites description.

hierarchical_site_item [Eliom_tools]
href [Atom_feed]
hrefLang [Atom_feed]
http [Eliom_service_sigs.​TYPES]

icon [Atom_feed]
id [Atom_feed]
id [Eliom_content.​Html.​Id]

The type of global HTML element identifier.

id [Eliom_content.​Svg.​Id]

The type of global SVG element identifier.

id [Eliom_service_sigs.​S]

kind [Eliom_registration]

The type kind is an abstract type for the HTTP frame returned by a service.

label [Atom_feed]
lang [Atom_feed]
lazy_star [Eliom_content_sigs.​LINKS_AND_FORMS]
length [Atom_feed]
link [Atom_feed]
linkOAttr [Atom_feed]

Children tags allowed for the link tag

list_wrap [Eliom_content.​Svg]
listnames [Eliom_parameter_sigs.​S]

Helpers type used to construct forms from lists, see Eliom_parameter_sigs.​S.​list.

logo [Atom_feed]
ltitle [Atom_feed]

main_page [Eliom_tools]
mediaType [Atom_feed]
metaAttr [Atom_feed]

Common optional attributes

meth [Eliom_service_sigs.​TYPES]

- 0-th param : method params 1-4 : GET and POST param types, param 5 : with/without suffix, param 6 : method for fallback service, param 7 : non-unit only for the Post (g, p) case when g != unit ; used to force unit GET parameters when needed

ncname [Atom_feed]
nl_params_set [Eliom_parameter_sigs.​S]

Use this type to give non localized parameters to a link or a form

no_param_name [Eliom_parameter_sigs.​S]

Empty type used to denotes it is not possible to use the parameter in a form.

non_att [Eliom_service_sigs.​S]
non_co [Eliom_service_sigs.​TYPES]
non_ext [Eliom_service_sigs.​TYPES]
non_localized_params [Eliom_parameter_sigs.​S]
non_ocaml [Eliom_service_sigs.​TYPES]
non_reg [Eliom_service_sigs.​TYPES]

ocaml [Eliom_service_sigs.​TYPES]
ocaml [Eliom_parameter_sigs.​S]

marshaled OCaml values of type 'a

ocaml_content [Eliom_registration]

The type ocaml_content is an synomyn for Eliom_service.ocaml_service to be used as a phantom type parameters for Eliom_registration.​kind.

oneradio [Eliom_parameter_sigs.​S]

Restriction of Eliom_parameter_sigs.​S.​setoneradio unary and optional parameters.

openid_error [Eliom_openid]

Error that may happen when identifiying an user

options [Eliom_reg_sigs.​S_poly]
options [Eliom_reg_sigs.​S]
options [Eliom_reg_sigs.​PARAM_POLY]
options [Eliom_reg_sigs.​PARAM]

page [Eliom_reg_sigs.​S_poly]
page [Eliom_reg_sigs.​S]
page [Eliom_reg_sigs.​PARAM_POLY]
page [Eliom_reg_sigs.​PARAM]
pape [Eliom_openid]

The pape data returned by the server

param [Eliom_form_sigs.​S]
param_name [Eliom_parameter_sigs.​S]

Abstract type for parameters' name.

params [Eliom_service_sigs.​TYPES]
params_type [Eliom_parameter_sigs.​S]

Abstract type for service parameters.

persistent_cookie_info [Eliom_state.​Ext]
persistent_table [Eliom_state]
personConstruct [Atom_feed]

Children tags allowed for the author and contributor tags

post [Eliom_service_sigs.​TYPES]
published [Atom_feed]
put [Eliom_service_sigs.​TYPES]

raw_post_data [Eliom_parameter_sigs.​S]

When the content type is neither URLencoded form data nor multipart data, it is possible to get it as a stream of strings.

redirection [Eliom_registration]

Auxiliarry type to hide non-interesting type parameters

reg [Eliom_service_sigs.​TYPES]
rel [Atom_feed]
request_scope [Eliom_common]
result [Eliom_openid]

The result yielded by the authentication process

result [Eliom_reg_sigs.​S_poly_with_send]
result [Eliom_reg_sigs.​S]
result [Eliom_reg_sigs.​PARAM]
return [Eliom_reg_sigs.​S_poly]
return [Eliom_reg_sigs.​S]
return [Eliom_reg_sigs.​PARAM_POLY]

scheme [Atom_feed]
scope [Eliom_common]
scope_hierarchy [Eliom_common]


select_opt [Eliom_form_sigs.​S]

The type for <select> options and groups of options.

server_function [Eliom_client]

A value of type ('a, 'b) server_function is created on the server from a function 'a -> 'b Lwt.t and provides a given function on the client side.

server_params [Eliom_types]
service_cookie_info [Eliom_state.​Ext]
session_group_scope [Eliom_common]
session_scope [Eliom_common]
setone [Eliom_parameter_sigs.​S]

Restriction of Eliom_parameter_sigs.​S.​setoneradio unary and set parameters.

setoneradio [Eliom_parameter_sigs.​S]

A parameter arity could either be: `Set of 'a means: any number of 'a., `One of 'a means: exactly one 'a., `Radio of 'a means: zero or one 'a.

signal [Eliom_shared_sigs.​RLIST]
site_scope [Eliom_common]
sitedata [Eliom_types]
soption [Eliom_form_sigs.​S]
source [Atom_feed]
sourceOAttr [Atom_feed]

Children tags allowed for the source tag

srv [Eliom_tools]
star [Eliom_content_sigs.​LINKS_AND_FORMS]
state [Eliom_state.​Ext]

The type of states.

state_status [Eliom_state]
suff [Eliom_parameter_sigs.​S]

This type is used as a phantom type in Eliom_parameter_sigs.​S.​params_type to describe whether a parameter is encoded in the path of the URI as a suffix parameter.

sv [Eliom_shared_sigs.​RLIST]

The type of shared values

sv [Eliom_shared_sigs.​S]

t [Eliom_registration.​TMPL_PARAMS]
t [Eliom_cscache]

The type of association tables (implemented using Hashtbl)

t [Eliom_shared.​FakeReactiveData.​RList]
t [Eliom_react.​S.​Down]

The abstract type of down signals.

t [Eliom_react.​Up]

The type of events that, while being "on the server", are triggered by clients.

t [Eliom_react.​Down]

The abstract type of down events.

t [Eliom_content.​Html.​Custom_data]

Custom data with values of type 'a.

t [Eliom_comet.​Channel]

v t is the type of server-to-client communication channels transporting data of type v

t [Eliom_client_value]

Client values on the server are created by the syntax {typ{ expr }} in the server section (cf.

t [Eliom_bus]

The type of bus's carrying values of type 'a.

t [Eliom_service_sigs.​S]

Type of services.

t [Eliom_shared_sigs.​RLIST]

The type of (shared) reactive lists

t [Eliom_shared_sigs.​S]
t [Eliom_shared_sigs.​VALUE]
term [Atom_feed]
textConstruct [Atom_feed]
timeout [Eliom_state.​Ext]

Type used to describe session timeouts

to_and_from [Eliom_parameter_sigs.​S]

unknown_content [Eliom_registration]

The type unknown_content is to be used as a phantom type parameter for Eliom_registration.​kind when the content-type can't be determined statically.

unwrap_id [Eliom_wrap]
unwrapper [Eliom_wrap]
updated [Atom_feed]
uri [Atom_feed]
uri [Eliom_content.​Html]
uri [Eliom_content.​Svg]
uri [Eliom_form_sigs.​LINKS]
uri [Eliom_form_sigs.​S]
uri [Eliom_content_sigs.​LINKS_AND_FORMS]
user_level [Eliom_common]
user_scope [Eliom_common]

volatile_table [Eliom_state]

The type of (volatile) state data tables.

which_meth [Eliom_service_sigs.​TYPES]

Like meth but without the auxilliary parameters; used to query about the service method from outside.

wrap [Eliom_content.​Svg]
wrapped_value [Eliom_wrap]
wrapper [Eliom_wrap]

'a wrapper is the type of values to include into a value of type 'a for it to be wraped specificaly