Warning: Reason support is experimental. We are looking for beta-tester and contributors.

Index of values

(!!) [Ocsigen_lib_base]
(>>=)=) >> [Ocsigen_lib_base]
(>|=) [Ocsigen_lib_base]
(@@) [Ocsigen_lib_base]
(|>) [Ocsigen_lib_base]

abort [Ocsigen_http_com]
accept [Ocsigen_request_info]

Accessor for accept of request_info

accept [Http_headers]
accept_charset [Http_headers]
accept_encoding [Ocsigen_request_info]

Accessor for accept_encoding of request_info

accept_encoding [Http_headers]
accept_language [Ocsigen_request_info]

Accessor for accept_language of request_info

accept_language [Http_headers]
accept_ranges [Http_headers]
access_control_allow_credentials [Http_headers]
access_control_allow_headers [Http_headers]
access_control_allow_methods [Http_headers]
access_control_allow_origin [Http_headers]
access_control_expose_headers [Http_headers]
access_control_max_age [Http_headers]
access_control_request_headers [Ocsigen_request_info]

Accessor for access_control_request_headers of request_info

access_control_request_headers [Http_headers]
access_control_request_method [Ocsigen_request_info]

Accessor for access_control_request_method of request_info

access_control_request_method [Http_headers]
accesslog [Ocsigen_messages]

Write a message in access.log

activate [Ocsigen_comet.Security]

activate () starts serving Comet requests.

activated [Ocsigen_comet.Security]

activated () reflects the activation state of the Comet module.

add [Ocsipersist]

add table key value associates value to key.

add [Http_headers]

add name s h adds the header name: s to h.

add [Ocsigen_cache.Dlist]

Adds an element to the list, and possibly returns the element that has been removed if the maximum size was exceeded.

add_cookie [Ocsigen_cookies]

add_cookie path c v cookie_table adds the cookie c to the table cookie_table.

add_cookies [Ocsigen_cookies]

add_cookies newcookies oldcookies adds the cookies from newcookies to oldcookies.

add_end_slash_if_missing [Ocsigen_lib_base.Url_base]
add_finalizer [Ocsigen_stream]

Add a finalizer function.

add_headers [Ocsigen_http_frame.Http_header]
add_ocamlpath [Ocsigen_loader]

Adds a path to the Findlib library search path.

advert [Ocsigen_lib_base]
assoc_remove [Ocsigen_lib_base.List]
attribute [Ocsigen_extensions.Configuration]

attribute ~name f create a specification of a XML attribute.

authorization [Http_headers]

badconfig [Ocsigen_extensions]

Convenient function for raising Error_in_config_file exceptions with a sprintf-formatted argument.

basic_raw_request [Ocsigen_http_client]

Same as Ocsigen_http_client.raw_request, but does not try to reuse connections.

basic_sep [Ocsigen_lib_base.String_base]

Cuts a string to the next separator

bind [Ocsigen_lib_base.Option.Lwt]
bind [Ocsigen_lib_base.Option]
block_next_request [Ocsigen_http_com]
builtin_packages [Ocsigen_config]

cache_control [Http_headers]
cancel [Ocsigen_stream]

Cancel the stream, i.e.

change_empty_list [Ocsigen_lib_base.Url_base]
charset [Ocsigen_http_frame.Result]

accessor for charset of result

chop [Ocsigen_lib_base.List]
clear [Polytables]

clear t remove all data from t

clear_all_caches [Ocsigen_cache]

Clear the contents of all the existing caches

client [Ocsigen_request_info]

Accessor for client of request_info

client_connection [Ocsigen_extensions]

Returns the connection

client_id [Ocsigen_extensions]

Returns the id number of the connection

client_of_connection [Ocsigen_extensions]
closed [Ocsigen_http_com]

closed conn is a thread waking up when the connection is closed

code [Ocsigen_http_frame.Result]

accessor for response code of result

commandline [Ocsigen_getcommandline]
comp [Ocsigen_lib_base]
compute_new_ri_cookies [Ocsigen_http_frame]

compute_new_ri_cookies now path ri_cookies cookies_to_set adds the cookies from cookies_to_set to ri_cookies, as if the cookies had been send to the browser and the browser was doing a new request to the url path.

compute_result [Ocsigen_extensions]

Compute the result to be sent to the client, by trying all extensions according the configuration file.

concat [Ocsigen_stream.StringStream]

Concatenate two stream

connection [Http_headers]
connection_closed [Ocsigen_request_info]

Accessor for connection_closed of request_info

connection_fd [Ocsigen_http_com]
connection_id [Ocsigen_http_com]
console [Ocsigen_messages]

Write a message in the console (if not called in silent mode)

consume [Ocsigen_stream]

Consume without cancelling.

cont [Ocsigen_stream]

creates a non empty step.

content [Ocsigen_local_files]

Given the local file file, with a request originating at url url, returns a viewable content of file.

content_disposition [Http_headers]
content_encoding [Http_headers]
content_length [Ocsigen_request_info]

Accessor for content_length of request_info

content_length [Ocsigen_http_frame.Result]

accessor for Content-Length value of header of result

content_length [Http_headers]
content_range [Http_headers]
content_type [Ocsigen_request_info]

Accessor for content_type of request_info

content_type [Ocsigen_http_frame.Result]

accessor for Content-Type value of header of result

content_type [Http_headers]
content_type_string [Ocsigen_request_info]

Accessor for content_type_string of request_info

cookie [Http_headers]
cookies [Ocsigen_request_info]

Accessor for cookies of request_info

cookies [Ocsigen_http_frame.Result]

accessor for cookies of result

create [Ocsigen_comet.Channels]

create () returns a channel with a freshly baked identifier while create ~name () returns a channel with the identifier name after checking for uniqueness.

create [Polytables]

creates a new table

create [Ocsigen_lib_base.Clist]
create [Ocsigen_cache.Dlist]

Create a dlist.

create_receiver [Ocsigen_http_com]
create_sender [Ocsigen_http_com]
current_buffer [Ocsigen_stream]

Returns the value of the current buffer

curry [Ocsigen_lib_base]

date [Http_headers]
deactivate [Ocsigen_comet.Security]

deactivate () ceases all Comet related activity.

debug [Ocsigen_lib_base]
decode [Ocsigen_lib.Url]
decr_connected [Ocsigen_extensions]
default [Ocsigen_http_frame.Result]

Default result to use as a base for constructing others.

default_charset [Ocsigen_charset_mime]

Functions related to the default charset in the association

default_mime [Ocsigen_charset_mime]
default_mime_assoc [Ocsigen_charset_mime]

Default values, obtained by reading the file specified by Ocsigen_config.get_mimefile

default_mime_type [Ocsigen_charset_mime]
default_sender [Ocsigen_http_com]

Sender with only the server name, and HTTP/1.1

display_http_exception [Ocsigen_http_frame.Http_error]
display_version [Ocsigen_config]
do_not_serve_to_regexp [Ocsigen_extensions]

Compile a do_not_serve structure into a regexp.

during_initialisation [Ocsigen_extensions]
dyn_headers [Http_headers]

Headers for dynamic pages (non cachable)

element [Ocsigen_extensions.Configuration]

Create the specification of a XML element.

empty [Ocsigen_http_frame.Result]

result for an empty page.

empty [Http_headers]

returns an empty set of HTTP headers

empty [Ocsigen_stream.StringStream]

Create an empty stream

empty [Ocsigen_stream]

creates an empty step.

empty_charset_assoc [Ocsigen_charset_mime]

All files are mapped to no_charset

empty_cookieset [Ocsigen_cookies]
encode [Ocsigen_lib.Url]
end_initialisation [Ocsigen_extensions]
enlarge_stream [Ocsigen_stream]

Read more data in the buffer

equal_virtual_hosts [Ocsigen_extensions]
errlog [Ocsigen_messages]

Write a message in errors.log

error_log_path [Ocsigen_messages]

Path to the error log file

etag [Ocsigen_http_frame.Result]

accessor for ETag value of header of result

etag [Http_headers]
expect [Http_headers]
expires [Http_headers]
expl_of_code [Ocsigen_http_frame.Http_error]
extension_no_directory [Ocsigen_lib.Filename]

files [Ocsigen_request_info]

Accessor for files of request_info

finalize [Ocsigen_stream]

Finalize the stream.

find [Ocsipersist]

find table key gives the value associated to key.

find [Ocsigen_headers]

find one of the values bound to name in the HTTP headers of the frame.

find [Http_headers]

find one of the values bound to name in the HTTP header t.

find_all [Ocsigen_headers]

find all the values bound to name in the HTTP headers of the frame.

find_all [Http_headers]

find all the values bound to name in the HTTP header t.

find_charset [Ocsigen_charset_mime]
find_mime [Ocsigen_charset_mime]
find_redirection [Ocsigen_extensions]
findfiles [Ocsigen_loader]

findfiles pkg returns the list of files needed to load Findlib package pkg, including dependencies.

first_diff [Ocsigen_lib_base.String_base]

first_diff s1 s2 n last returns the index of the first difference between s1 and s2, starting from n and ending at last.

fixup_url_string [Ocsigen_lib.Url]
fold [Http_headers]
fold [Ocsigen_cache.Dlist]

fold over the elements from the cache starting from the newest to the oldest

fold_back [Ocsigen_cache.Dlist]

fold over the elements from the cache starting from the oldest to the newest

fold_left [Ocsigen_lib_base.Clist]

Infinite fold on circular lists (use with care!)

fold_step [Ocsipersist]

Important warning: this iterator may not iter on all data of the table if another thread is modifying it in the same time.

fold_table [Ocsipersist]

Legacy interface for fold_step

forward_ip [Ocsigen_request_info]

Accessor for forward_ip of request_info

from_poly [Ocsigen_lib_base]
fst [Ocsigen_lib_base.Tuple3]
full_path [Ocsigen_request_info]

Accessor for full_path of request_info

full_path_string [Ocsigen_request_info]

Accessor for full_path_string of request_info

full_server_name [Ocsigen_config]

get [Ocsipersist]

get pv gives the value of pv

get [Ocsigen_http_client]

Do a GET HTTP request.

get [Polytables]

get t k returns the current binding of k in t or raises Not_found

get [Ocsigen_stream]

call this function if you decide to start reading a stream.

get [Ocsigen_lib_base.Option.Lwt]
get [Ocsigen_lib_base.Option]
get' [Ocsigen_lib_base.Option.Lwt]
get' [Ocsigen_lib_base.Option]
get_accept [Ocsigen_headers]
get_accept_charset [Ocsigen_headers]
get_accept_encoding [Ocsigen_headers]
get_accept_language [Ocsigen_headers]
get_access_control_request_headers [Ocsigen_headers]
get_access_control_request_method [Ocsigen_headers]
get_basic_authentication_method [Authbasic]

This function combines all the parsers registered with register_basic_authentication_method.

get_bindir [Ocsigen_config]
get_client_timeout [Ocsigen_config]
get_command_pipe [Ocsigen_config]
get_config_file [Ocsigen_config]
get_content_length [Ocsigen_headers]
get_content_type [Ocsigen_headers]
get_cookie_string [Ocsigen_headers]
get_daemon [Ocsigen_config]
get_datadir [Ocsigen_config]
get_debugmode [Ocsigen_config]
get_default_charset [Ocsigen_config]
get_default_group [Ocsigen_config]
get_default_port [Ocsigen_config]
get_default_sslport [Ocsigen_config]
get_default_user [Ocsigen_config]
get_disablepartialrequests [Ocsigen_config]
get_etag [Ocsigen_http_frame.HTTP_CONTENT]
get_expect [Ocsigen_headers]
get_extdir [Ocsigen_config]
get_filebuffersize [Ocsigen_config]
get_finaliser_after [Ocsigen_cache.Dlist]
get_finaliser_before [Ocsigen_cache.Dlist]
get_firstline [Ocsigen_http_frame.Http_header]
get_group [Ocsigen_config]
get_headers [Ocsigen_http_frame.Http_header]
get_headers_value [Ocsigen_http_frame.Http_header]
get_headers_values [Ocsigen_http_frame.Http_header]
get_host_from_host_header [Ocsigen_headers]
get_hostname [Ocsigen_extensions]

Returns the hostname to be used for absolute links or redirections.

get_hosts [Ocsigen_extensions]
get_http_frame [Ocsigen_http_com]
get_id [Ocsigen_comet.Channels]

get_id c returns the unique identifier associated to c.

get_if_match [Ocsigen_headers]
get_if_modified_since [Ocsigen_headers]
get_if_none_match [Ocsigen_headers]
get_if_unmodified_since [Ocsigen_headers]
get_inet_addr [Ocsigen_lib.Ip_address]
get_init_exn_handler [Ocsigen_extensions]
get_keepalive [Ocsigen_headers]
get_logdir [Ocsigen_config]
get_max_number_of_connections [Ocsigen_config]
get_max_number_of_threads_queued [Ocsigen_config]
get_maxrequestbodysize [Ocsigen_config]
get_maxrequestbodysizeinmemory [Ocsigen_config]
get_maxretries [Ocsigen_config]
get_maxthreads [Ocsigen_config]
get_mimefile [Ocsigen_config]
get_minthreads [Ocsigen_config]
get_netbuffersize [Ocsigen_config]
get_number_of_connected [Ocsigen_extensions]


get_numberofreloads [Ocsigen_extensions]
get_ocamlpath [Ocsigen_loader]

Returns the current Findlib library search path.

get_origin [Ocsigen_headers]
get_params [Ocsigen_request_info]

Accessor for get_params of request_info

get_params_string [Ocsigen_request_info]

Accessor for get_params_string of request_info

get_pidfile [Ocsigen_config]
get_port [Ocsigen_extensions]

Returns the port to be used for absolute links or redirections.

get_proto [Ocsigen_http_frame.Http_header]
get_referer [Ocsigen_headers]
get_referrer [Ocsigen_headers]
get_respect_pipeline [Ocsigen_config]
get_server_address [Ocsigen_extensions]
get_server_timeout [Ocsigen_config]
get_shutdown_timeout [Ocsigen_config]
get_silent [Ocsigen_config]
get_syslog_facility [Ocsigen_config]
get_timer [Ocsigen_cache.Dlist]

returns the timer of the Dlist

get_url [Ocsigen_http_client]

Do a GET HTTP request.

get_usedefaulthostname [Ocsigen_config]
get_user [Ocsigen_config]
get_user_agent [Ocsigen_headers]
get_verbose [Ocsigen_config]
get_veryverbose [Ocsigen_config]

hash_virtual_hosts [Ocsigen_extensions]
headers [Ocsigen_http_frame.Result]

accessor for HTTP header of result

host [Ocsigen_request_info]

Accessor for host of request_info

host [Http_headers]
host_match [Ocsigen_extensions]
http_frame [Ocsigen_request_info]

Accessor for http_frame of request_info

id [Ocsigen_lib_base]
if_match [Http_headers]
if_modified_since [Http_headers]
if_none_match [Http_headers]
if_range [Http_headers]
if_unmodified_since [Http_headers]
ifmatch [Ocsigen_request_info]

Accessor for ifmatch of request_info

ifmodifiedsince [Ocsigen_request_info]

Accessor for ifmodifiedsince of request_info

ifnonematch [Ocsigen_request_info]

Accessor for ifnonematch of request_info

ifunmodifiedsince [Ocsigen_request_info]

Accessor for ifunmodifiedsince of request_info

ignore_blank_pcdata [Ocsigen_extensions.Configuration]

The specification for ignoring blank PCDATA ('\n', '\r', ' ', '\t') and failing otherwise (a reasonable default).

in_list [Ocsigen_lib_base.Clist]
incr_connected [Ocsigen_extensions]

Server internal functions:

init_module [Ocsigen_loader]

init_module pre post force name runs the init function for the module name.

init_preempt [Ocsigen_config]
initial_get_params [Ocsigen_request_info]

Accessor for initial_get_params of request_info

insert [Ocsigen_lib_base.Clist]
is_empty [Ocsigen_lib_base.Clist]
is_native [Ocsigen_config]
is_prefix [Ocsigen_lib_base.List]
is_prefix_skip_end_slash [Ocsigen_lib_base.Url_base]

is_prefix_skip_end_slash path1 path2 returns true if path1 is the same as path2 before a first slash

iter [Http_headers]
iter [Ocsigen_lib_base.Clist]

Infinite iteration on circular lists

iter [Ocsigen_lib_base.Option.Lwt]
iter [Ocsigen_lib_base.Option]
iter_step [Ocsipersist]

Important warning: this iterator may not iter on all data of the table if another thread is modifying it in the same time.

iter_table [Ocsipersist]

Legacy interface for iter_step

join_do_not_serve [Ocsigen_extensions]

last [Ocsigen_lib_base.List]
last_modified [Http_headers]
lastmodified [Ocsigen_http_frame.Result]

accessor for Last-Modified value of header of result

length [Ocsipersist]

Size of a table.

list_of [Ocsigen_cache.Dlist]

The list to which the node belongs

listeners [Ocsigen_comet.Channels]

listeners c returns the number of clients currently registered on c A client is "currently registered" on a channel if an actual connection is open for the server to push a message onto.

loadfile [Ocsigen_loader]

loadfile pre post force file (dynamically) loads file.

loadfiles [Ocsigen_loader]

loadfiles pre post force file loads all the files, using loadfile (fun () -> ()) (fun () -> ()) false for all the files but the last one, and loadfile pre post force for the last one (if any).

location [Ocsigen_http_frame.Result]

accessor for location of result

location [Http_headers]
lock_receiver [Ocsigen_http_com]
lwt_fold [Ocsigen_cache.Dlist]

lwt version of fold

lwt_fold_back [Ocsigen_cache.Dlist]

lwt version of fold_back

make [Ocsigen_request_info]

Make a request_info

make [Ocsigen_stream.StringStream]
make [Ocsigen_stream]

creates a new stream

make [Ocsigen_lib_base.Clist]
make_absolute_url [Ocsigen_lib_base.Url_base]

make_absolute_url https host port path generates a new absolute url

make_cryptographic_safe_string [Ocsigen_lib]

Generate an unique and cryptographically safe random string.

make_encoded_parameters [Ocsigen_lib.Url]
make_key [Polytables]

create a new key for each data you want to save

make_parse_config [Ocsigen_extensions]
make_persistent [Ocsipersist]

make_persistent store name default find a persistent value named name in store store from database, or create it with the default value default if it does not exist.

make_persistent_lazy [Ocsipersist]

Same as make_persistent but the default value is evaluated only if needed

make_persistent_lazy_lwt [Ocsipersist]

Lwt version of make_persistent_lazy.

map [Ocsigen_lib_base.Option.Lwt]
map [Ocsigen_lib_base.Option]
map_filter [Ocsigen_lib_base.List]
maxsize [Ocsigen_cache.Dlist]
may_append [Ocsigen_lib_base.String_base]
may_concat [Ocsigen_lib_base.String_base]
meth [Ocsigen_request_info]

Accessor for method of request_info

method_of_string [Framepp]
move [Ocsigen_cache.Dlist]

Move a node from one dlist to another one, without finalizing.

name [Http_headers]
name_to_string [Http_headers]
native_ext [Ocsigen_config]
nb_tries [Ocsigen_request_info]

Accessor for nb_tries of request_info

new_url_of_directory_request [Ocsigen_extensions]

new_url_of_directory_request create a redirection and generating a new url for the client (depending on the server configuration and request)

newest [Ocsigen_cache.Dlist]
next [Ocsigen_stream]

get the next step of a stream.

no_charset [Ocsigen_charset_mime]

of_file [Ocsigen_stream]

returns a stream reading from a file.

of_lwt_stream [Ocsigen_stream]

Convert a Lwt_stream.t to an Ocsigen_stream.t.

of_string [Ocsigen_stream]

returns a stream containing a string.

oldest [Ocsigen_cache.Dlist]
open_store [Ocsipersist]

Open a store (and create it if it does not exist)

open_table [Ocsipersist]

Open a table (and create it if it does not exist)

origin [Ocsigen_request_info]

Accessor for origin of request_info

origin [Http_headers]
original_full_path [Ocsigen_request_info]

Accessor for original_full_path of request_info

original_full_path_string [Ocsigen_request_info]

Accessor for original_full_path_string of request_info

parse [Ocsigen_lib.Url]

parse url returns a tuple containing information about url If url contains scheme 'https', host of url (ex: http://www.ocsigen.org/ -> www.ocsigen.org), port of url, path as string without first '/', path as string list, GET query of url, lazy value to decode GET query

parse_condition [Accesscontrol]
parse_config_item [Ocsigen_extensions]
parse_content_type [Ocsigen_headers]
parse_cookies [Ocsigen_headers]
parse_host_field [Ocsigen_parseconfig]

Parses the hostfilter field of the configuration file, which is a disjunction of possible hostnames (that can themselves contain wildcards)

parse_mime_type [Ocsigen_headers]
parse_mime_types [Ocsigen_charset_mime]

Parsing of a file containing mime associations, such as /etc/mime-types

parse_size [Ocsigen_parseconfig]

Parse a size ("infinity" or using SI or binary units, e.g.

parse_size_tag [Ocsigen_parseconfig]

parse_size_tag tag s parses a size (same syntax as parse_size).

parse_string [Ocsigen_parseconfig]

Parse a string (PCDATA) as XML content.

parse_string_tag [Ocsigen_parseconfig]

parse_string_tag tag s parses a string (same syntax as parse_string).

parse_user_dir [Ocsigen_extensions]
parse_user_site_item [Ocsigen_extensions]
port_from_host_field [Ocsigen_request_info]

Accessor for port_from_host_field of request_info

post_params [Ocsigen_request_info]

Accessor for post_params of request_info

post_string [Ocsigen_http_client]

Do a POST HTTP request.

post_string_url [Ocsigen_http_client]

Do a GET HTTP request.

post_urlencoded [Ocsigen_http_client]

Do a POST HTTP request with URL encoded parameters as content.

post_urlencoded_url [Ocsigen_http_client]

Do a GET HTTP request with URL encoded parameters as content.

pragma [Http_headers]
prefix_and_path_of_t [Ocsigen_lib.Url]

prefix_and_path_of_t url splits url in a couple (prefix, path) where prefix is "http(s)://host:port" and path is the path as string list

process_element [Ocsigen_extensions.Configuration]

Process an XML element by the specifications.

process_elements [Ocsigen_extensions.Configuration]

Application of process_element on a list of XML elements.

proto_of_string [Framepp]
protocol [Ocsigen_request_info]

Accessor for protocol of request_info

put [Ocsigen_stream.StringStream]

Create a stream with one element

range [Ocsigen_request_info]

Accessor for range of request_info

range [Http_headers]
raw_request [Ocsigen_http_client]

Do an HTTP request (low level).

referer [Http_headers]
register_basic_authentication_method [Authbasic]

This function registers an authentication plugin: it adds a new parser to the list of available authentication schemes.

register_exn_printer [Ocsigen_lib_base.Printexc]
register_extension [Ocsigen_extensions]

For each extension generating pages, we register its name and six functions: a function fun_site of type parse_config. This function will be responsible for handling the options of the configuration files that are recognized by the extension, and potentially generating a page., a function user_fun_site of type parse_user_config which has the same role as fun_site, but inside userconf files. Specify nothing if your extension is disallowed in userconf files. Otherwise, compared to fun_site, you can selectively disallow some options, as user_fun_site must define only safe options (for example it is not safe to allow such options to load a cmo specified by a user, or to execute a program, as this program will be executed by ocsigen's user). Note that user_fun_site will be called for every request, whereas the fun_site is called only when starting or reloading the server., a function begin_init that will be called at the beginning of the initialisation phase of each site, and each time the config file is reloaded., a function end_init that will be called at the end of the initialisation phase of each site, a function init_fun that will be called just before registering the extension, taking as parameter the configuration options between <extension> and </extension>. This allows to give configuration options to extensions. If no function is supplied, the extension is supposed to accept no option (and loading will fail if an option is supplied) See <<a_api module="Ocsigen_extensions.Configuration" | val process_elements >> for the easy construction of such a function., a function exn_handler that will create an error message from the exceptions that may be raised during the initialisation phase, and raise again all other exceptions Moreover, if the optional parameter ?respect_pipeline is true, the extension will ask the server to respect the order of the pipeline.

reload [Ocsigen_server]
remote_inet_addr [Ocsigen_request_info]

Accessor for remote_inet_addr of request_info

remote_ip [Ocsigen_request_info]

Accessor for remote_ip of request_info

remote_ip_parsed [Ocsigen_request_info]

Accessor for remote_ip_parsed of request_info

remote_port [Ocsigen_request_info]

Accessor for remote_port of request_info

remove [Ocsipersist]

remove table key removes the entry in the table if it exists

remove [Polytables]

remove t k remove the current binding of k in t if it exists

remove [Ocsigen_lib_base.Clist]
remove [Ocsigen_cache.Dlist]

Removes an element from its list.

remove_all [Ocsigen_lib_base.List]
remove_all_assoc [Ocsigen_lib_base.List]
remove_all_assoc_q [Ocsigen_lib_base.List]
remove_all_q [Ocsigen_lib_base.List]
remove_cookie [Ocsigen_cookies]

remove_cookie c cookie_table removes the cookie c from the table cookie_table.

remove_dotdot [Ocsigen_lib_base.Url_base]

remove_dotdot path cleans the path of ..

remove_end_slash [Ocsigen_lib_base.Url_base]

remove_end_slash str removes last /

remove_first [Ocsigen_lib_base.List]
remove_first_if_any [Ocsigen_lib_base.List]
remove_first_if_any_q [Ocsigen_lib_base.List]
remove_first_q [Ocsigen_lib_base.List]
remove_internal_slash [Ocsigen_lib_base.Url_base]

remove_internal_slash path cleans the path of empty string

remove_n_oldest [Ocsigen_cache.Dlist]

remove the n oldest values (or less if the list is not long enough) ; returns the list of removed values

remove_slash_at_beginning [Ocsigen_lib_base.Url_base]
remove_slash_at_end [Ocsigen_lib_base.Url_base]
remove_spaces [Ocsigen_lib_base.String_base]

remove_spaces s beg endd returns a copy of the string from beg to endd, removing spaces at the beginning and at the end

replace [Http_headers]

replace a header by another one.

replace_if_exists [Ocsipersist]

replace_if_exists table key value associates value to key only if key is already bound.

replace_opt [Http_headers]

replace or remove a header.

replace_user_dir [Ocsigen_extensions]

raises Not_found is the directory does not exist

request_cache [Ocsigen_request_info]

Accessor for request_cache of request_info

resolve [Ocsigen_local_files]

Finds filename in the filesystem, with a possible redirection if it is a directory.

result_of_content [Ocsigen_http_frame.HTTP_CONTENT]
return [Ocsigen_lib_base.Option]
ri_of_url [Ocsigen_request_info]

Parsing URLs.

ri_of_url [Ocsigen_extensions]

Parsing URLs.

send [Ocsigen_http_com]

send an HTTP message.

send_100_continue [Ocsigen_http_com]

send an HTTP/1.1 100 Continue message

send_error [Ocsigen_senders]

Sending an error page

sep [Ocsigen_lib_base.String_base]

Cuts a string to the next separator, removing spaces.

server [Http_headers]
server_name [Ocsigen_config]
server_port [Ocsigen_request_info]

Accessor for server_port of request_info

set [Ocsipersist]

set pv value sets a persistent value pv to value

set [Polytables]

set t k v associates v to k in t

set_bindir [Ocsigen_config]
set_client_timeout [Ocsigen_config]
set_command_pipe [Ocsigen_config]
set_config [Ocsigen_extensions]
set_configfile [Ocsigen_config]
set_cookie [Http_headers]
set_daemon [Ocsigen_config]
set_datadir [Ocsigen_config]
set_debugmode [Ocsigen_config]
set_default_charset [Ocsigen_charset_mime]
set_default_charset [Ocsigen_config]
set_default_mime [Ocsigen_charset_mime]
set_default_port [Ocsigen_config]
set_default_sslport [Ocsigen_config]
set_disablepartialrequests [Ocsigen_config]
set_extdir [Ocsigen_config]
set_filebuffersize [Ocsigen_config]
set_finaliser_after [Ocsigen_cache.Dlist]

set a function to be called automatically on a piece of data just after it disappears from the list (either by explicit removal or because the maximum size is exceeded)

set_finaliser_before [Ocsigen_cache.Dlist]

set a function to be called automatically on a piece of data just before it disappears from the list (either by explicit removal or because the maximum size is exceeded)

set_group [Ocsigen_config]
set_hosts [Ocsigen_extensions]
set_init_on_load [Ocsigen_loader]

If set to true, the module initialization functions passed to set_module_init_function will be executed directly.

set_logdir [Ocsigen_config]
set_max_number_of_connections [Ocsigen_config]
set_max_number_of_threads_queued [Ocsigen_config]
set_maxrequestbodysize [Ocsigen_config]
set_maxrequestbodysizeinmemory [Ocsigen_config]
set_maxretries [Ocsigen_config]
set_maxsize [Ocsigen_cache.Dlist]

change the maximum size ; returns the list of removed values, if any.

set_maxthreads [Ocsigen_config]
set_mimefile [Ocsigen_config]
set_minthreads [Ocsigen_config]
set_module_init_function [Ocsigen_loader]

set_module_init_function name f registers the function f, which will be used to initialize the module when init_module name is called.

set_netbuffersize [Ocsigen_config]
set_ocamlpath [Ocsigen_loader]

Sets the current Findlib library search path.

set_pidfile [Ocsigen_config]
set_respect_pipeline [Ocsigen_config]
set_result_observer [Ocsigen_http_com]

Use this function to make an action just before sending the result (for example observe the headers that will be sent).

set_server_timeout [Ocsigen_config]
set_shutdown_timeout [Ocsigen_config]
set_silent [Ocsigen_config]
set_syslog_facility [Ocsigen_config]
set_timeout [Ocsigen_comet.Security]

set_timeout ?reset f sets the timeout value for future Comet connections to f.

set_usedefaulthostname [Ocsigen_config]
set_user [Ocsigen_config]
set_verbose [Ocsigen_config]
set_veryverbose [Ocsigen_config]
size [Ocsigen_cache.Dlist]
skip [Ocsigen_stream]

Skips data.

snd [Ocsigen_lib_base.Tuple3]
sockets [Ocsigen_extensions]
split [Ocsigen_lib_base.String_base]

Splits a string for words with separator, removing spaces.

split_at [Ocsigen_lib_base.List]
split_fragment [Ocsigen_lib_base.Url_base]

split_fragment str splits str at first '#'

split_path [Ocsigen_lib.Url]

alias of (Ocamlnet) Neturl.split_path

ssl [Ocsigen_request_info]

Accessor for ssl of request_info

sslsockets [Ocsigen_extensions]
start_initialisation [Ocsigen_extensions]
start_processing [Ocsigen_http_com]
start_server [Ocsigen_server]

Start the server (does not return)

status [Http_headers]
stream [Ocsigen_http_frame.Result]

accessor for content of result

stream_want [Ocsigen_stream]

stream_want s len Returns a stream with at least len bytes in the buffer if possible

string_of_header [Framepp]
string_of_http_exception [Ocsigen_http_frame.Http_error]
string_of_method [Framepp]
string_of_proto [Framepp]
string_of_stream [Ocsigen_stream]

Creates a string from a stream.

string_of_url_path [Ocsigen_lib.Url]
sub_path [Ocsigen_request_info]

Accessor for sub_path of request_info

sub_path_string [Ocsigen_request_info]

Accessor for sub_path_string of request_info

substream [Ocsigen_stream]

Cut the stream at the position given by a string delimiter

table_name [Ocsipersist]

returns the name of the table

thd [Ocsigen_lib_base.Tuple3]
timeofday [Ocsigen_request_info]

Accessor for timeofday of request_info

to_list [Ocsigen_lib_base.Option]
to_lwt_stream [Ocsigen_stream]

Convert an Ocsigen_stream.t into a Lwt_stream.t.

to_poly [Ocsigen_lib_base]
transfer_encoding [Http_headers]
translate [Ocsigen_loader]

translate filename translate .cmo/.cma extensions to .cmxs in native mode, and .cmxs to .cmo (.cma if it exists) in bytecode mode.

uncurry [Ocsigen_lib_base]
unexpected_exception [Ocsigen_messages]

Use that function for all impossible cases in exception handlers (try ... with ... | e -> unexpected_exception ... or Lwt.catch ...).

unlock_receiver [Ocsigen_http_com]
up [Ocsigen_cache.Dlist]

Removes the element from its list without finalising, then adds it as newest.

update [Ocsigen_request_info]
update [Ocsigen_http_frame.Result]

Update result before sending.

update_charset_ext [Ocsigen_charset_mime]

Updates the mapping between extensions from a file to its charset.

update_charset_file [Ocsigen_charset_mime]
update_charset_regexp [Ocsigen_charset_mime]
update_mime_ext [Ocsigen_charset_mime]
update_mime_file [Ocsigen_charset_mime]
update_mime_regexp [Ocsigen_charset_mime]
update_nb_tries [Ocsigen_request_info]

Update nb_tries slot of request_info

update_request_cache [Ocsigen_request_info]

Update cache of request_info

url_string [Ocsigen_request_info]

Accessor for url of request_info

user_agent [Ocsigen_request_info]

Accessor for user_agent of request_info

user_agent [Http_headers]

value [Ocsigen_lib_base.Clist]
value [Ocsigen_cache.Dlist]
version_number [Ocsigen_config]

wait_all_senders [Ocsigen_http_com]
wait_fewer_connected [Ocsigen_extensions]
wakeup_next_request [Ocsigen_http_com]
warning [Ocsigen_messages]

Write a message in warnings.log

with_defaults [Http_headers]

with_defaults h1 h2 adds headers from h1 to h2.

write [Ocsigen_comet.Channels]

write c (s, u) sends the string s on the channel c.

write_stream [Ocsigen_http_com]

This function may return any I/O error from the channel, or a interrupted stream exception.

x_forwarded_for [Http_headers]
x_forwarded_proto [Http_headers]