Warning: Reason support is experimental. We are looking for beta-tester and contributors.

Launching the server

To run the server, use the command ocsigenserver. It has the following options:

  -c, --config
         Alternate configuration file.

  -d, --daemon
         Daemon mode (detach the process).
	 This is the default when there are more than 1 process.

  -help, --help
         Show summary of options.

  -p, --pidfile
         Specify a file where to write the PIDs of the servers.

  -s, --silent
         Silent mode (error messages go in errors.log only).

  -v, --verbose
         Verbose mode.

  -V ,  --veryverbose
         Very verbose mode (debug).

         Show version of program.

One initialization script should be provided by your distribution for launching the server automatically each time you launch the computer.