Warning: Reason support is experimental. We are looking for beta-tester and contributors.

Module Wikicreole

module Wikicreole : sig..end

Parser for Wikicreole Author(s): Jrme Vouillon, Vincent Balat, Boris Yakobowski

type attribs = (string * string) list

Xml-like attributes for the extension (eg val='foo')

module type RawBuilder = sig..end
type ('param, 'res) plugin = 
  'param -> attribs -> string option -> 'res
type plugin_resolver =  | Resolver of (string -> plugin_resolver option)
module type Builder = sig..end
type ('param, 'res) builder = 
  (module Wikicreole.Builder with type flow = 'res and type param = 'param)
val from_string : 
  ?sectioning:bool ->
  'param -> ('param, 'res) builder -> string -> 'res list