Warning: Reason support is experimental. We are looking for beta-tester and contributors.

authentication using external services

Any contributions appreciated for other authentication methods!

NIS authentication:

Configuration file example:

      <extension findlib-package="ocsimore.user.nis"/>

LDAP authentication:

Configuration file example:

      <extension findlib-package="ldap"/>
      <extension findlib-package="ocsimore.user.ldap">
        <ldap base="ou=blah,ou=users,dc=blih,dc=plop,dc=fr" uri="ldaps://my-ldap-server.com:636/" />

PAM authentication:

Configuration file example:

      <extension findlib-package="pam"/>
      <extension findlib-package="ocsimore.user.pam">
        <pam service="ocsimore" />

Here the service name must correspond to a file in /etc/pam.d.

Warning: It is not possible (for now) to use authentication based on /etc/shadow (using pam_unix), because Ocsigen does not have read access to this file (would be dangerous to give access to that file to a web server).

Warning: The PAM authentication relies on ocamlpam binding, which is known to be buggy. It causes crashes (at least in version 1.1).