Warning: Reason support is experimental. We are looking for beta-tester and contributors.

Index of values

( ** ) [Forum_services]
( ** ) [User_site]
( **> ) [Ocsimore_lib]
(!!) [Forum_widgets]
($) [Forum_site]
($) [User_sql.Types]
(%) [Ocsimore_lib]
(+@) [Xform.Xform.Ops]
(-|) [Ocsimore_lib]
(>>=)=) >> [Forum_widgets]
(>>=)=) >> [Forum_services]
(>>=)=) >> [User_services]
(>>=)=) >> [User_ext]
(>>=)=) >> [Wiki]
(>>=)=) >> [User_external_auth]
(>>=)=) >> [Updatedb_sql]
(>|=) [Forum_widgets]
(>|=) [User_ext]
(>|=) [Wiki_ext]
(>|=) [Updatedb_sql]
(@+) [Xform.Xform.Ops]
(@@) [Xform.Xform.Ops]
(^:) [Ocsimore_lib]
(^?) [Ocsimore_lib]
(|-) [Ocsimore_lib]
(|>) [Xform.Xform.Ops]
(|>) [Ocsimore_lib]
(||>) [Xform.Xform.Ops]

a_elem_flow [Wikicreole.RawBuilder]
a_elem_phrasing [Wikicreole.RawBuilder]
a_link_of_href [Wiki_syntax]
accept_charset_utf8 [Ocsimore_lib]
action_add_user_from_group [User_services]
action_create_css [Wiki_services]
action_create_new_group [User_services]
action_create_new_user [User_services]
action_create_page [Wiki_services]
action_css_history [Wiki_services]
action_css_permissions [Wiki_services]
action_delete_wikibox [Wiki_services]
action_edit_css [Wiki_services]
action_edit_css_list [Wiki_services]
action_edit_user_data [User_services]
action_edit_wiki_options [Wiki_services]
action_edit_wikibox [Wiki_services]
action_edit_wikibox_permissions [Wiki_services]
action_edit_wikipage_properties [Wiki_services]
action_login [User_services]
action_logout [User_services]
action_logout_get [User_services]
action_old_wikibox [Wiki_services]
action_old_wikiboxcss [Wiki_services]
action_remove_user_from_group [User_services]
action_send_css [Wiki_services]
action_send_css_options [Wiki_services]
action_send_wiki_metadata [Wiki_services]
action_send_wikiboxtext [Wiki_services]
action_send_wikipage_properties [Wiki_services]
action_set_wikibox_special_permissions [Wiki_services]
action_src_wikibox [Wiki_services]
action_upload_file [Wiki_services]
action_users_settings [User_services]
action_wikibox_history [Wiki_services]
add [Opaque]
add [Ocsimore_lib.DefaultMap]
add_admin_pages_header [Page_site]

Function to be called on admin pages, and which add the relevant css (including for the admin menu)

add_ancestor [Wiki_widgets_interface.Ancestors]
add_ancestor_bi [Wiki_widgets_interface]
add_css [Wiki_data]
add_css_aux [Wiki_sql]

Add a new CSS to a wikipage or a wiki.

add_forum_css_header [Forum_widgets]
add_generic_inclusion [User_sql]
add_list_to_group [User]
add_login_error [User_data]
add_naservpage [Wiki_self_services]
add_onload_function [Page_site]

Registers the string passed as argument so that it is called when the onload event on the body tag of the page fires.

add_remove_to_string [Wiki_services]
add_remove_user_from_group [User_data]
add_servpage [Wiki_self_services]
add_servwikicss [Wiki_self_services]
add_status_function [Page_site]
add_to_admin_menu [Page_site]

Adds an entire subsection, labelled by name to the admin menu.

add_to_group [User_sql]
add_to_group [User]

Atomic change in one group

add_to_group_generic [User_sql]

Same as add_generic_inclusion.

add_to_groups [User]

Multiple operations on groups

add_user_from_group [User_data]
add_wiki_css_header [Wiki_services]
admin [User]

A user that belongs to all groups

admin_body_content_with_permission_handler [Page_site]

Display a widget#display as a admin_page under certain permissions.

admin_dir [Ocsimore_config]
admin_login [User]
admin_page [Page_site]

Displays a complete admin page, with the admin menu and the status bar.

admin_staticdir [Page_site]
admin_writer_reader_aux [Wiki]
admin_writer_reader_groups [User.GenericRights]
aggregate_css [Ocsimore_config]
all_users [User_sql]

Returns a list of all the existing users and groups.

alter [Updatedb_sql]
anonymous [User]

Non authenticated users

anonymous_login [User]
any_int [Opaque]

int_t, t_int and any_int are type conversion functions.

any_int32 [Opaque]

int_t, t_int and any_int are type conversion functions.

any_string [Opaque]

int_string, t_string and any_string are type conversion functions.

application_name [Ocsimore_appl.Default_param]
application_name [Ocsimore_config]
apply_parameterized_group [User_sql.Types]
authenticate [User]
authenticated_users [User]

A group containing all authenticated users (not groups)

aux [Dyngroups]
aux_group [Wiki]
aux_grp [Wiki]
aux_grp_wiki [Wiki]

basic_user [User_sql.Types]
basicusercreation [User_services]
batch_edit_boxes [Wiki_services]
bind_opt [Ocsimore_lib]
body_to_div [Wiki_site]
body_to_div [Page_site]
bool_checkbox [Xform.Xform]
bounded_int_input [Xform.Xform]
br_elem [Wikicreole.RawBuilder]
build_tree [Wiki_menu]
build_tree_from_file [Wiki_menu]
build_tree_from_string [Wiki_menu]

can_admin_users [User_data]
can_change_user_data_by_user [User_data]
can_change_user_data_by_userid [User_data]
can_create_group [User_data]
can_create_user [User_data]
can_have_wikiperso [Wikiperso]
can_sthg_wikibox [Wiki]
can_view_groups [User_data]
can_view_roles [User_data]
can_view_users [User_data]
cannot_have_wikiperso [Wikiperso]
cast_niwp [Wiki_syntax]

Cast an extensible parser to the associated non_interactive parser to be used with xml_of_wiki.

cast_service [Wiki_site]
cast_wp [Wiki_syntax]

Cast an extensible parser to a raw parser to be used with xml_of_wiki.

catch_action_failure [Ocsimore_common]
change_user_data [User_data]
chars [Wikicreole.RawBuilder]
check [Xform.Xform]
check_passwd [Crypt]

check_passwd passwd hash checks whether hash is correct for passwd

class_wikibox [Wiki_syntax]

The class to use to denote the fact that the content comes from the specified wikibox

concat [Opaque]
concat_list [Opaque]

concat and concat_list are equivalents of ( ^ ) and String.concat.

concat_list_opt [Ocsimore_lib]
cons [Ocsimore_lib]
content_type_input [Forum_site]
content_type_of_string [Wiki_types]
convert [Xform.Xform]
create [Ocsimore_lib.Abstract_url]
create_admin_writer_reader [User.GenericRights]
create_external_user [User]

Same as create_user, but only for external users

create_forum [Forum_services]
create_forum [Forum_site]
create_forum [Forum]

Creates a new forum or returns its id without modification if it already exists.

create_forum_form [Forum_site]
create_fresh_user [User]

Same as above, except that the function will raise BadUser if the user already exists

create_group [User_data]
create_header [Page_site.Header]

Define a new header

create_user [User_services]
create_user [User]

Creates a new user or group with given parameters, or returns the existing user without modification if name is already present.

create_wiki [Wiki_site]
create_wiki [Wiki]

Creation of a wiki

create_wiki [Wiki_data]

Creates the specified wiki if the user has enough permissions.

create_wiki_form [Wiki_site]
create_wiki_page_service [Wiki_menu]
create_wikipage [Wiki_sql]

Links the wikibox wb to the page page of wiki wiki.

create_wikipage [Wiki_data]
create_wikiperso [Wikiperso]

The function that creates the wikiperso when needed

creators [Forum]
creators_notmod [Forum]
crypt_passwd [Crypt]

crypt_passwd passwd encrypts passwd using the crypt(3) function.

css_content_type [Wiki_models]
current_version [Updatedb_sql]
current_wikibox_version [Wiki_sql]

Current revision number of a wikibox

date_input [Xform.Xform]
day_input [Xform.Xform]
db_host [Ocsimore_config]
db_name [Ocsimore_config]
db_password [Ocsimore_config]
db_port [Ocsimore_config]
db_unix_domain_socket_dir [Ocsimore_config]
db_user [Ocsimore_config]
default_bi [Wiki]
default_container_page [Wiki]

A text suitable as the default text for a container page

default_data [User_services]
default_welcome_page [Wikiperso]
default_wikicss [Wikiperso]
delete_css [Wiki_data]
delete_user [User_sql]
delete_wiki [Wiki_services]
delete_wiki [Wiki_sql]

Delete or undelete the wiki.

deletors [Forum]
deletors_if_creator [Forum]
desugar_string [Wiki_models]

See Wiki_syntax_types.Preprocessor.desugar_string

div [Opaque]
dl_elem [Wikicreole.RawBuilder]
dyngroupstobecreated [Ocsimore_config]

edit_css_service [Wiki_services.Ui]
edit_forum [Forum_services]
edit_forum [Forum_site]
edit_forum_form [Forum_site]
edit_service [Wiki_services.Ui]
edit_wiki [Wiki_services]
edit_wiki [Wiki_site]
edit_wiki_form [Wiki_site]
edit_wiki_permissions_admin [Wiki_services]
eliom_add_remove [Wiki_services]
eliom_bool [Ocsimore_lib]
eliom_forum [Forum]

Eliom parameter type for forums

eliom_forum_input [Forum]

Eliom input field for forums

eliom_inline_class [Ocsimore_lib]
eliom_message [Forum]

Eliom parameter type for messages

eliom_message_button [Forum]

Eliom button for messages

eliom_message_input [Forum]

Eliom input field for messages

eliom_opaque_int32 [Ocsimore_common]
eliom_opaque_int32_opt [Ocsimore_common]
em_elem [Wikicreole.RawBuilder]
emdash [Wikicreole.RawBuilder]
empty [Ocsimore_lib.Abstract_url]
empty [Ocsimore_lib.DefaultMap]
endash [Wikicreole.RawBuilder]
eref_modify [Ocsimore_lib]
error [Wikicreole.RawBuilder]
error_box [Wiki_site]
error_handler_wb [Wiki_services]
error_handler_wb_opt [Wiki_services]
extensible_list [Xform.Xform]
external_user [Wikiperso]
extract [Wiki_ext]
extract_https [Wiki_ext]
extract_user_name [Wikiperso]
extract_wiki_id [Wiki_ext]

f_can_have_wikiperso [Wikiperso]
fieldset [Xform.Xform]
filter_raw [Wiki_ext]
find [Ocsimore_lib.DefaultMap]
find_naservpage [Wiki_self_services]
find_opt [Ocsimore_lib]
find_servpage [Wiki_self_services]
find_servwikicss [Wiki_self_services]
find_user [Wikiperso]
flip [Ocsimore_lib]
flow [Wikicreole.RawBuilder]
force_secure [User_services]
form [Xform.Xform]
forum_action_eref [Forum_services]
forum_admin [Forum]
forum_creators [Forum]
forum_css_header [Forum_widgets]
forum_exists [Forum_sql]

Return if a forum title is already used

forum_of_sql [Forum_types]
forum_of_sql_option [Forum_types]
forum_of_string [Forum_types]
forum_root [Forum_site]
forum_visible [Forum]
forum_wiki_rights [Forum_site]
forums_messages [Forum_sql0]
fresh_id [Ocsimore_lib]
from_string [Wiki_widgets_interface.Json_css_wikibox]
from_string [Wikicreole]
full_transaction_block [Ocsi_sql]

Same as transaction_block but takes a db connection in the pool.

gen [Wikiperso]

The function that answers for the extension.

generate_headers [Page_site.Header]

This function is called to generate the headers for one page.

generate_password [User_data]
get_action_failure [Ocsimore_common]
get_admin_wiki [Wiki]
get_basicuser_by_login [User_sql]
get_basicuser_by_login [User]

Information about a user.

get_basicuser_data [User_sql]
get_childs [Forum_sql]

returns a list of all the direct childs of messages ~message_id.

get_childs [Forum_data]

returns a list of all the direct childs of messages ~message_id.

get_css_for_wiki [Wiki_sql]
get_css_for_wikipage [Wiki_sql]

returns the lists of css associated to a wikipage or a wiki, together with the content of the wikibox and the version (as last arguments)

get_css_wikibox_for_wiki [Wiki_sql]

returns the wikibox for the global css of a wiki, or None if the wiki has no such css

get_css_wikibox_for_wikipage [Wiki_sql]

returns the wikibox for the css of a page or None if the page has no css

get_default_content_type [Wiki_models]
get_default_wiki_parser [Wiki_models]

default wikiparser for one wiki model

get_default_wiki_preprocessor [Wiki_models]
get_flows_wiki_parser [Wiki_models]
get_flows_wiki_parser' [Wiki_models]
get_flows_wiki_preprocessor [Wiki_models]
get_flows_wiki_preprocessor' [Wiki_models]
get_forum [Forum_sql]

Get forum information, given its id or title.

get_forum [Forum_data]

Get forum information, given its id or title.

get_forum_info [Forum_types]
get_forum_messages_id [Forum_sql]
get_forums_id [Forum_sql]
get_forums_list [Forum_sql]

returns the list of forums

get_forums_list [Forum_data]

returns the list of forums visible to the user.

get_forums_wiki_id [Forum_sql]
get_login_error [User_data]
get_message [Forum_sql]

returns a message

get_message [Forum_data]

returns id, subject, author, datetime, parent id, root id, forum id, text, and moderated, deleted status of a message.

get_message_info [Forum_types]
get_message_list [Forum_sql]

returns the list of messages (without comments) in a forum.

get_message_list [Forum_data]

returns the list of messages (without comments) in a forum.

get_message_raw [Forum_sql0]
get_models [Wiki_models]
get_opt [Ocsimore_lib]
get_parameterized_user_data [User_sql]
get_phrasings_wiki_parser [Wiki_models]
get_phrasings_wiki_preprocessor [Wiki_models]
get_rights [Wiki_models]
get_role [Forum]
get_thread [Forum_sql]

returns a list of messages containing the message of id ~message_id and all its children, ordered according depth first traversal of the tree.

get_thread [Forum_data]

returns a list of messages containing the message of id ~message_id and all its children, ordered according depth first traversal of the tree.

get_user_by_name [User_sql]

Returns the user that corresponds to a given string (inverse of the function user_to_string, or raises Not_found if the user does not exists

get_user_by_name [User]

Returns the user that corresponds to a given string (inverse of the function User_sql.user_to_string, or nobody if the user does not exists

get_user_data [User_sql]
get_user_data [User]
get_user_id [User]
get_user_name [User]
get_users_login [User_sql]
get_users_settings [User_sql]
get_widgets [Wiki_models]
get_wiki_info_by_id [Wiki_sql]

Find wiki information for a wiki, given its id

get_wiki_info_by_name [Wiki_sql]

Find wiki information for a wiki, given its name

get_wiki_info_by_pages [Wiki_sql]

Find wiki information for a wiki, given its pages

get_wikibox_content [Wiki_sql]

looks for a wikibox and returns Some (comment, author, content, datetime, content_type, version), or None if the page doesn't exist.

get_wikibox_creator [Forum_sql]

returns the creator of a wikibox containing a forum message or forum message title.

get_wikibox_history [Wiki_sql]

return the history of a wikibox.

get_wikibox_info [Wiki_sql]
get_wikiboxes_by_wiki [Wiki_sql]
get_wikiboxes_id [Wiki_sql]
get_wikipage_info [Wiki_sql]

return the information for a wikipage

get_wikipages_id [Wiki_sql]
get_wikipages_of_a_wiki [Wiki_sql]
get_wikis [Wiki_sql]
get_wikis_id [Wiki_sql]
group_can_admin_group [User]

The group of users that can add or remove people in the given user/group

group_can_admin_users [User]

The groups of users that can modify the users settings

group_can_create_groups [User]

The groups of users that can create new groups

group_can_create_users [User]

Same thing with users

grouped_by_media [Wiki_widgets]
groups_of_user [User_sql]

Returns the groups in which a user is directly included

grp_admin [User.GenericRights]
grp_read [User.GenericRights]
grp_write [User.GenericRights]

h1_elem [Wikicreole.RawBuilder]
h2_elem [Wikicreole.RawBuilder]
h3_elem [Wikicreole.RawBuilder]
h4_elem [Wikicreole.RawBuilder]
h5_elem [Wikicreole.RawBuilder]
h6_elem [Wikicreole.RawBuilder]
hidden_bool_input [Ocsimore_lib]
hidden_page_inputs [Wiki_widgets]
hour_input [Xform.Xform]
hr_elem [Wikicreole.RawBuilder]
href_action [Wikicreole.Builder]
html_page [Page_site]

Generic headers for an html page.

icon [Page_site]
id [Xform.Xform]
identity_preprocessor [Wiki_models]
img_elem [Wikicreole.RawBuilder]
in_ancestors [Wiki_widgets_interface.Ancestors]
in_group [User]
increment [Opaque]

successor, predecessor and increment are the equivalents of ( + ), ( - ), ( * ), ( / ) and ( ~- ).

input_opaque_int32 [Ocsimore_common]
input_opaque_int32_opt [Ocsimore_common]
int32_input_aux_xform [Opaque]

Xform inputs

int32_input_opt_aux_xform [Opaque]
int32_input_opt_xform [Opaque]
int32_input_xform [Opaque]
int32_t [Opaque]
int32_t_list [Opaque]
int32_t_option [Opaque]
int32_t_to_string [Opaque]
int_input [Xform.Xform]
int_of_string_opt [Ocsimore_lib]
int_t [Opaque]
int_t_option [Opaque]
is_basic_user [User_sql.Types]

Converts an user back into an userid, if possible

is_logged_on [User]
iter_awr_lwt [User.GenericRights]
iter_external_auths [User_external_auth]

Function which iter on external auths, call the function f for each method while there is a method and raises BadUser if no method matches

iter_option [Ocsimore_lib]
iter_wikis [Wiki_sql]

Iterator on all the wikis

join [Ocsimore_lib.Abstract_url]

label_input_tr [Xform.Xform]
last [Ocsimore_lib.Abstract_url]
last [Ocsimore_lib.List]
last_msg_date [Forum_widgets]
late_content [User_widgets]
length [Ocsimore_lib.Abstract_url]
linethrough_elem [Wikicreole.RawBuilder]
link_action [Wikicreole.Builder]
link_kind [Wiki_syntax]
list [Wikicreole.RawBuilder]
list [Xform.Xform]
list' [Xform.Xform]
list_assoc_default [Ocsimore_lib]
list_assoc_exn [Ocsimore_lib]
list_assoc_opt [Ocsimore_lib]
list_singleton [Ocsimore_lib]
login [User_data]
login_error_eref [User_data]
logout [User_data]
lwt_bind_opt [Ocsimore_lib]
lwt_filter [Ocsimore_lib]
lwt_flatten [Ocsimore_lib]
lwt_forest_flatten [Ocsimore_lib]
lwt_forest_map [Ocsimore_lib]
lwt_sequence [Ocsimore_lib]
lwt_tree_flatten [Ocsimore_lib]
lwt_tree_map [Ocsimore_lib]

mail_user_creation [User_services]
mailer [Ocsimore_config]
make_css_wikibox_1 [Wiki_widgets_interface.Json_aDwzxSOSrIrfn2FCbUuL55_pRGWd0cb8]
make_href [Wiki_syntax]
make_href [Wikicreole.RawBuilder]

the string option is the fragment part of the URL (#...)

map_awr [User.GenericRights]
map_awr_lwt [User.GenericRights]
match_variant [Wiki_widgets_interface.Json_css_wikibox]
media_type_elem_of_string [Wiki_types]
media_type_of_string [Wiki_types]
menu_parser [Wiki_syntax]

Parser for menu

message_creators [Forum]
message_creators_notmod [Forum]
message_deletors [Forum]
message_deletors_if_creator [Forum]
message_info_of_raw_message [Forum_data]

translate raw_message to Forum_types.forum_info, verifying special rights if needed (only for first messages).

message_moderators [Forum]
message_modifiers [Forum]
message_modifiers_if_creator [Forum]
message_of_sql [Forum_types]
message_of_sql_option [Forum_types]
message_of_string [Forum_types]
message_readers_evennotmoderated [Forum]
messages [Language]
messages_english [Language]
messages_french [Language]
model_input [Wiki_site]
moderated_message_readers [Forum]
moderated_readers [Forum]
moderators [Forum]
modified_wikibox [Wiki]

modified_wikibox box version returns Some curversion iff the current version curversion of box is greater than version, None otherwise

modifiers [Forum]
modifiers_if_creator [Forum]
monospace_elem [Wikicreole.RawBuilder]
mul [Opaque]

naservpages [Wiki_self_services]
nbsp [Wikicreole.RawBuilder]
neg [Opaque]

add, sub, mul, div and neg are the equivalents of ( + ), ( - ), ( * ), ( / ) and ( ~- ).

new_forum [Forum_sql]

create a new forum.

new_forum [Forum_data]

create a new forum.

new_message [Forum_sql]

inserts a message in a forum.

new_message [Forum_data]

inserts a message in a forum.

new_nonparameterized_group [User_sql]
new_parameterized_group [User_sql]
new_user [User_sql]

Creates a user.

new_wiki [Wiki_sql]

inserts a new wiki, creating on the fly the container wikibox (which is returned along the index of the new wiki).

new_wikibox [Wiki_sql]

Inserts a new wikibox in an existing wiki and return the id of the wikibox.

new_wikitextbox [Wiki_data]
no_ancestors [Wiki_widgets_interface.Ancestors]
no_permission [Page_site]
nobody [User]

A user/group that does not belong to any group, and in which nobody can be.

nobody_login [User]
non_parameterized_group [User_sql.Types]
normalize_old_page_link [Wiki_site]

ok [Wiki]
ol_elem [Wikicreole.RawBuilder]
opt [Ocsimore_config]
opt_input [Xform.Xform]
opt_list [Wiki_ext]
options [Updatedb_sql]

p [Xform.Xform]
p_elem [Wikicreole.RawBuilder]
page_displayable_eref [Wiki_widgets_interface]
pagecss_service [Wiki_services]
param_wiki [Wiki]
param_wikibox [Wiki]
param_wikipage [Wiki]
parameterized_group_from_userid [User_sql.Types]
parse_common_attribs [Wiki_syntax]

parses common attributes (class, id, style)

parse_config [Parse_config]
parse_yesno [Parse_config]
passwd_input [User_widgets]
path_create_forum [Forum_services]
path_edit_forum [Forum_services]
path_input [Wiki_site]
phrasing [Wikicreole.RawBuilder]
phrasing_wikicreole_parser [Wiki_syntax]

Parser for phrasing wikicreole.

plugin [Wikicreole.Builder]
plugin_action [Wikicreole.Builder]
pool [Ocsi_sql]
pre_elem [Wikicreole.RawBuilder]
predecessor [Opaque]
prefix [Wiki]
preparse_string [Wiki_models]

See Wiki_syntax_types.Preprocessor.preparse_string

preprocess_extension [Wiki_syntax]
preview_service [Wiki_services.Ui]
preview_wikibox_content [Wiki_widgets]
print_int32_t [Opaque]
print_int_t [Opaque]
print_string_t [Opaque]
process_auxfile [Wiki_dir]
process_wikifile [Wiki_dir]

query [Ocsi_sql]

rawtext_content_type [Wiki_syntax]

the content type for raw text boxes:

read [Wiki_widgets_interface.Json_css_wikibox]
read_variant [Wiki_widgets_interface.Json_css_wikibox]
readers [Forum]
reduced_wikicreole_content_type0 [Wiki_syntax]

the content type for reduced_wikicreole_parser0:

reduced_wikicreole_content_type1 [Wiki_syntax]

the content type for reduced_wikicreole_parser1:

reduced_wikicreole_content_type2 [Wiki_syntax]

the content type for reduced_wikicreole_parser2:

reduced_wikicreole_parser0 [Wiki_syntax]

The same, without subwikiboxes and containers (content).

reduced_wikicreole_parser1 [Wiki_syntax]

The same, without images, objects, subwikiboxes and containers (content).

reduced_wikicreole_parser2 [Wiki_syntax]

The same, without images, objects, titles, tables, lists, subwikiboxes and containers (content).

reduced_wikicreole_parser_button_content [Wiki_syntax]

For button content.

register_flows_wiki_parser [Wiki_models]
register_flows_wiki_parser' [Wiki_models]
register_interactive_simple_flow_extension [Wiki_syntax]
register_interactive_simple_phrasing_extension [Wiki_syntax]
register_interactive_wiki_flow_extension [Wiki_syntax]
register_interactive_wiki_phrasing_extension [Wiki_syntax]
register_link_extension [Wiki_syntax]
register_link_flow_extension [Wiki_syntax]
register_link_phrasing_extension [Wiki_syntax]
register_link_simple_flow_extension [Wiki_syntax]
register_link_simple_phrasing_extension [Wiki_syntax]
register_named_wikibox [Wiki_site]

This function registers a page inside the administration wiki if it does not exists, and returns a function giving the current value of the corresponding wikibox

register_phrasings_wiki_parser [Wiki_models]

will also register a flows parser by adding a <div> around the result

register_raw_wiki_extension [Wiki_syntax]
register_services [Forum_services]
register_simple_extension [Wiki_syntax]
register_simple_flow_extension [Wiki_syntax]
register_simple_phrasing_extension [Wiki_syntax]
register_user_extensions [User_ext]

Registers the following wiki creole extensions <<username>>, <<loginbox>>, <<logoutbutton>>, <<logoutlink>>

register_wiki [Wiki_services]

Register the services for the wiki wiki

register_wiki_extension [Wiki_syntax]
register_wiki_flow_extension [Wiki_syntax]
register_wiki_model [Wiki_models]
register_wiki_phrasing_extension [Wiki_syntax]
register_wikibox_syntax_extensions [Wiki_ext]

This function registers the following wiki extensions: <<wikibox>>, <<link>>, <<link-inline>>, <<nonattachedlink>>, <<nonattachedlink-inline>>, <<cancellink>>, <<cancellink-inline>>, <<object>>, <<img>>, <<switchmenu>>, <<outline>>

register_wikiext [Forum_wikiext]

This function registers the following wiki extensions: <<forum_message>>, <<forum_thread>>, <<forum_message_list>>, <<forum_threads_list>>

remove_begin_slash [Ocsimore_lib]
remove_css_wiki [Wiki_sql]
remove_css_wikipage [Wiki_sql]
remove_from_group [User_sql]
remove_from_group [User]
remove_list_from_group [User]
remove_prefix [Ocsimore_lib]
remove_re [Ocsimore_lib]
remove_spaces [Ocsimore_lib]
remove_user_from_group [User_data]
replace_links [Wiki_site]
require_header [Page_site.Header]

Call this function every time you need a header to be included in the page.

resolve_file_in_dir [Wiki_dir]
rewrite_wikipages [Wiki_sql]

save_then_redirect [Wiki_services]
save_wikicssbox [Wiki_data]
save_wikipage_properties [Wiki_data]
save_wikipagecssbox [Wiki_data]
save_wikitextbox [Wiki_data]

The next three functions save a wikibox and returns the new version id of this wikibox.

section [Ocsimore_lib]
section_elem [Wikicreole.RawBuilder]
select_single [Xform.Xform]
send_wikibox [Wiki_services]
send_wikipage [Wiki_services]
service_create_new_group [User_services]
service_create_new_user [User_services]
service_edit_wikibox [Wiki_site]
service_href [Wiki_syntax]
service_login [User_services]
service_users_settings [User_services]
service_view_group [User_services]
service_view_groups [User_services]
service_view_roles [User_services]
service_view_users [User_services]
servpages [Wiki_self_services]
servwikicss [Wiki_self_services]
set_action_failure [Ocsimore_common]
set_forum_action [Forum_services]
set_menu_resolver [Wiki_menu]
set_moderated [Forum_sql]

set or unset moderated flag on a message

set_moderated [Forum_data]

set or unset moderated flag on a message.

set_session_data [User]
set_users_settings [User_sql]
set_wikibox_content [Wiki_services.API]
set_wikibox_special_rights [Wiki_sql]

Does the wikibox have special permission rights

set_wikibox_special_rights [Wiki_data]
set_wikipage_properties [Wiki_sql]

Sets the info for a wikipage.

siteid [Wiki_site]
siteid_input [Wiki_site]
some [Ocsimore_lib]
split [Ocsimore_lib.Abstract_url]
sql_from_userid [User_sql.Types]
sql_of_forum [Forum_types]
sql_of_forum_option [Forum_types]
sql_of_message [Forum_types]
sql_of_message_option [Forum_types]
sql_of_wiki [Wiki_types]
sql_of_wikibox [Wiki_types]
static_file_uri [Page_site]

Path to a static file, suitable for inclusion in a <a> tag

static_service [Page_site]

The service that answers for Ocsimore static files.

staticdir_input [Wiki_site]
str_input [User_widgets]
string_from_userid [User_sql.Types]
string_input [Xform.Xform]
string_of_content_type [Wiki_types]
string_of_extension [Wiki_syntax]

Returns the wiki syntax for an extension box from its name, arguments and content.

string_of_forum [Forum_types]
string_of_href [Wikicreole.RawBuilder]
string_of_media_type [Wiki_types]
string_of_media_type_elem [Wiki_types]
string_of_message [Forum_types]
string_of_string_opt [Ocsimore_lib]
string_of_wiki [Wiki_types]

Conversions from a wiki index

string_of_wiki_model [Wiki_types]
string_of_wikibox [Wiki_types]
string_opt_input [Xform.Xform]

Maps the empty list to None, and all the others lists to Some

string_t [Opaque]
string_t_option [Opaque]
strong [Xform.Xform]
strong_elem [Wikicreole.RawBuilder]
sub [Opaque]
submit_button [Xform.Xform]
submit_input [User_widgets]
subscripted_elem [Wikicreole.RawBuilder]
successor [Opaque]
superscripted_elem [Wikicreole.RawBuilder]

t [Wiki_widgets_interface.Json_css_wikibox]
t_int [Opaque]
t_int32 [Opaque]
t_int32_list [Opaque]
t_int32_option [Opaque]
t_int_option [Opaque]
t_string [Opaque]
t_string_option [Opaque]
table [Xform.Xform]
table_elem [Wikicreole.RawBuilder]
td [Xform.Xform]
template_container [Wikiperso]
template_container_pagename [Wikiperso]
template_css_pagename [Wikiperso]
template_wiki_css [Wikiperso]
text [Xform.Xform]
text_area [Xform.Xform]
th_ip [User_data]
th_login [User_data]
thread_comments_creators [Forum]
thread_comments_creators_notmod [Forum]
thread_moderated_readers [Forum]
thread_readers_evennotmoderated [Forum]
title_syntax [Forum_site]
to_list [Ocsimore_lib.Abstract_url]
to_string [Wiki_widgets_interface.Json_css_wikibox]
to_string [Ocsimore_lib.Abstract_url]
tr [Xform.Xform]
transaction_block [Ocsi_sql]

Perform an atomic transaction (using BEGIN and COMMIT/ROLLBACK

tt_elem [Wikicreole.RawBuilder]

ul_elem [Wikicreole.RawBuilder]
underlined_elem [Wikicreole.RawBuilder]
unexpected_attribute [Parse_config]
unexpected_content [Parse_config]
unexpected_pcdata [Parse_config]
unexpected_tag [Parse_config]
unexpected_value [Parse_config]
unopt_str [Ocsimore_lib]
update [Updatedb_sql]
update_css [Wiki_data]
update_css_wikibox_aux [Wiki_sql]
update_data [User_sql]
update_forum [Forum_sql]

Update the information of a forum.

update_forum [Forum_data]

Update the information of a forum.

update_version [Updatedb_sql]
update_wiki [Wiki_sql]

Update the information of a wiki.

update_wiki [Wiki_data]

Same as Wiki_sql.update_wiki, except that this function fails with Permission_denied if the user has not enough rights to edit a wiki

update_wikibox [Wiki_sql]

Inserts a new version of an existing wikibox in a wiki and return its version number.

update_wikiboxes [Wiki_sql]

This function updates the content of all the wikiboxes stored in the database (including the old versions) according to the function passed as argument, which must return the updated content, or None

uri_of_href [Wiki_syntax]
user_from_userlogin_xform [User]
user_is_applied_parameterized_group [User_sql.Types]

Returns Some v is user is group $ v, or None otherwise

user_list_of_string [User]

Convert a list of string representation of users into the corresponding users, according to get_user_by_name.

user_to_string [User_sql]

Converts an user to a string.

user_type [User_sql]
user_widget [User_site]
userid_from_sql [User_sql.Types]
userid_from_user [User_sql.Types]
userid_permissions [Page_site]
userid_to_string [User_sql]

Converts an userid to a string, by giving the corresponding login field.

users_in_group [User_sql]

Returns the users or groups inside a group.

users_root [Wikiperso]
users_root [User_site]

valid_emailaddr [User_data]
valid_username [User_data]
value [Ocsi_sql]
view [Ocsi_sql]
view_box [Wiki_services]
view_boxes [Wiki_services]
view_forums [Forum_services]
view_one [Ocsi_sql]
view_opt [Ocsi_sql]
view_wikis [Wiki_services]
view_wikis_preapplyed [Wiki_services]

wiki_admin [Wiki_site]

(We create the wiki containing the administration boxes

wiki_admin_id [Wiki_site]
wiki_admin_name [Wiki]

Name of the administration wiki.

wiki_admin_page_link [Wiki]
wiki_admin_servpage [Wiki]
wiki_admins [Wiki]
wiki_css_boxes_with_content [Wiki_data]

Returns the css for the specified wiki or the wikipage.

wiki_css_creators [Wiki]
wiki_css_header [Wiki_services]
wiki_files_readers [Wiki]
wiki_files_uploaders [Wiki]
wiki_headings_backref [Ocsimore_config]
wiki_metadata_editors [Wiki]
wiki_model_of_string [Wiki_types]
wiki_naming [Wiki_site]
wiki_of_sql [Wiki_types]
wiki_of_string [Wiki_types]
wiki_page_args [Wiki_services]
wiki_path [Wikiperso]
wiki_rights [Wiki_site]
wiki_root [Wiki_site]
wiki_subwikiboxes_creators [Wiki]
wiki_wikiboxes_creators [Wiki]
wiki_wikiboxes_deletors [Wiki]
wiki_wikiboxes_grps [Wiki]
wiki_wikiboxes_oldversion_viewers [Wiki]
wiki_wikiboxes_src_viewers [Wiki]
wiki_wikipages_creators [Wiki]
wikibox_content [Wiki_data]

Returns the content of the wikibox if the user has enough rights, possibly for the given revision

wikibox_content' [Wiki_data]
wikibox_contents [Wiki_services]

a service serving the content of wikiboxes:

wikibox_grps [Wiki]

The following groups take a wikibox as argument.

wikibox_history [Wiki_data]
wikibox_is_moderated [Forum_sql]

returns whether the message has been moderated or not.

wikibox_of_sql [Wiki_types]
wikibox_widget [Wiki_site]
wikibox_wiki [Wiki_sql]

Wiki in which the wikibox currently resides

wikicreole_content_type [Wiki_syntax]

the content type for wikicreole boxes:

wikicreole_forum_model [Forum_site]
wikicreole_model [Wiki_site]

We create the default wiki model, called "wikicreole"

wikicreole_parser [Wiki_syntax]
wikicreole_parser_without_header_footer [Wiki_syntax]

The same parser as wikicreole_parser but with a more precise type.

wikicreole_phrasing_content_type [Wiki_syntax]

the content type for wikicreole phrasing content.

wikipage_css_boxes_with_content [Wiki_data]

Same thing for a wikipage

wikiperso_model [Wikiperso]
wikiperso_rights [Wikiperso]
wikis [Wiki_sql]
wikis_creator [Wiki]
wikis_deletor [Wiki]
wikisyntax_help_name [Wiki_widgets_interface]
wrap [Xform.Xform]
write [Wiki_widgets_interface.Json_css_wikibox]

xml_of_wiki [Wiki_syntax]

Returns the HTML5 corresponding to a wiki page