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Index of types

a [Wiki_widgets_interface.Json_css_wikibox]
admin_writer_reader [User_sql.Types]
admin_writer_reader_access [User.GenericRights]
ancestors [Wiki_widgets_interface.Ancestors]
attribs [Wikicreole]

Xml-like attributes for the extension (eg val='foo')

box_info [Wiki_widgets_interface]
builder [Wikicreole]

classes [Wiki_widgets_interface]
content_type [Wiki_types]

The parameter is the type of the content, once translated to xhtml (usually flows or inlines)

convert [Xform]
css_wikibox [Wiki_widgets_interface]
css_wikibox [Wiki_types]

db_t [Ocsi_sql]

eliom_usertype [Ocsimore_common]
error [Xform]
ext_wikicreole_parser [Wiki_syntax]

The abstract type for extensible parser.

external_auth [User_external_auth]

find_param [User_sql.Types]

Description of the parameter of a paramaterized group

flow [Wikicreole.RawBuilder]
flow_without_interactive [Wikicreole.RawBuilder]
force_https [Wiki_syntax]
forum [Forum_types]
forum_action_info [Forum]


forum_arg [Forum_types]

Semi-abstract type for a forum

forum_info [Forum_types]
forum_services [Forum_types]

header [Page_site.Header]
href [Wiki_syntax]
href [Wikicreole.RawBuilder]

int32_t [Opaque]
int_t [Opaque]
interactive_simple_plugin [Wiki_syntax]

The type of extension that can be registred into both the interactive and non_interactive variant and of a parser.

interactive_wiki_flow_pplugin [Wiki_syntax]

key [Ocsimore_lib.DefaultMap]

link_kind [Wiki_syntax]

Type of wiki link: Wiki_page (None, path, _) means the page of the currently display wiki at the given path., Wiki_page (Some wiki, path, _) means a page in the providede wiki at the given path., Href path means a link relative to the the domain if starting with a '/' or relative to the current URL otherwise., Site path means a link relative the Ocsigen application site., Absolute means an absolute URL (<otherscheme>:href).

link_plugin [Wiki_syntax]
link_plugin_content [Wiki_syntax]
link_simple_plugin [Wiki_syntax]
link_wiki_flow_pplugin [Wiki_syntax]
link_wiki_phrasing_pplugin [Wiki_syntax]

media_type [Wiki_types]
media_type_elem [Wiki_types]
menu [Wiki_menu]
menu_item [Wiki_menu]
menu_item [Wiki_widgets_interface]

The various tabs on top of an interactive wikibox

menu_link_service [Page_site]

An alias for the services that are accepted in the admin menu.

menu_style [Wiki_widgets_interface]
message [Forum_types]
message_arg [Forum_types]

Semi-abstract type for a message or comment

message_info [Forum_types]
messages [Language]
monad [Xform.Xform]

ni_plugin_content [Wiki_syntax]
non_interactive_simple_plugin [Wiki_syntax]

The type of extension that can be registred into the interactive variant of a parser.

page_displayable [Wiki_widgets_interface]

Return code, used for conditions of the form <<cond http_code= >>

param [Wikicreole.RawBuilder]
parameterized_group [User_sql.Types]
phrasing [Wikicreole.RawBuilder]
phrasing_without_interactive [Wikicreole.RawBuilder]
plugin [Wikicreole]
plugin_content [Wiki_syntax]
plugin_content [Wikicreole.Builder]
plugin_resolver [Wikicreole]
preparser [Wiki_syntax]
pwd [User_sql.Types]

raw_message [Forum_data]
resolver [Wiki_dir]
rights [Wiki_data]
rights_aux [Wiki_types]
role [Forum]

service_href [Wiki_syntax]
special_box [Wiki_widgets_interface]

Argument passed to the function building the interactive menu on top of a wikibox.

string_t [Opaque]

t [Xform.Xform]
t [Ocsimore_lib.Abstract_url]
t [Ocsimore_lib.DefaultMap]
tree [Ocsimore_lib]

uo_list [Wikicreole.RawBuilder]
user [User_sql.Types]
user_creation [User_services]
user_creation [User_data]

Options for the creation of a new user

user_settings [User_sql]
userdata [User_sql.Types]
userid [User_sql.Types]

The abstract type of user ids

users [User_sql.Types]

wiki [Wiki_types]
wiki_arg [Wiki_types]

Semi-abstract type for a wiki

wiki_flow_pplugin [Wiki_syntax]
wiki_info [Wiki_types]

Fields for a wiki

wiki_model [Wiki_types]
wiki_parser [Wiki_models]
wiki_phrasing_pplugin [Wiki_syntax]
wiki_plugin [Wiki_syntax]
wiki_preprocessor [Wiki_models]
wiki_service [Wiki_syntax]
wikibox [Wiki_types]
wikibox_arg [Wiki_types]
wikibox_content [Wiki_types]

Content of a wikibox.

wikibox_info [Wiki_types]
wikibox_override [Wiki_widgets_interface]

Inductive type used by services to specify a special way to display a wikibox.

wikicreole_parser [Wiki_syntax]

The abstract type of the objects able to parse wiki creole syntax, possibly with extensions.

wikipage [Wiki_types]
wikipage_arg [Wiki_types]
wikipage_info [Wiki_types]
wikipage_uid [Wiki_types]