Warning: Reason support is experimental. We are looking for beta-tester and contributors.

Custom configuration options

It is not convenient to have to edit the code to change some configurations, like the location where are saved the favorite images in the Graffiti tutorial (see: Saving favorite pictures). Fortunately Ocsigen provides a mechanism to extend its configuration file.

Basic interface

let static_dir =
  match Eliom_config.get_config () with
    | [Simplexmlparser.Element
     ("staticdir", [], [Simplexmlparser.PCData dir])] ->
    | [] ->
      raise (Ocsigen_extensions.Error_in_config_file
               ("staticdir must be configured"))
    | _ ->
      raise (Ocsigen_extensions.Error_in_config_file
               ("Unexpected content inside config"))

This will add a mandatory child to the eliom tag in the configuration file:

<eliom module="path/to/your/module.cma">

New interface

From Eliom 4.0 it is much easier to define configuration file extension. Have a look at module Eliom_config. For instance, here is how you can add an element "<ldap>" in the configuration file to store a list of LDAP servers your application interacts with.

(** An LDAP server is characterized by an host and a port. *)
type ldap_configuration = {
  mutable host : string;
  mutable port : int;

(** We store a list of LDAP servers to interact with. *)
let ldap_servers = ref []

(** The user-defined extension of the configuration file. *)
let ldap_configuration = Ocsigen_extensions.Configuration.(
  (** Default configuration *)
  let config () = {
    host = "";
    port = 339;
  let init () =
    ldap_servers := config () :: !ldap_servers
  let current () =
    List.hd !ldap_servers

  (** Parsing functions. *)
  let req_attr name = attribute ~name ~obligatory:true
  and opt_attr name = attribute ~name ~obligatory:false
  let name = "LDAP"
  and obligatory = false
  and attributes = [
    req_attr "host" (fun h -> (current ()).host <- h);
    opt_attr "port" (fun p -> (current ()).port <- int_of_string p);
  element ~init ~name ~obligatory ~attributes ()

let _ = Eliom_config.parse_config [ldap_configuration]