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How to add a Javacript script?

If you have client-side programs on your website, you can use Eliom's client-server features, that will compile client side parts to JS using Ocsigen Js_of_ocaml, and include automatically the script in the page. But in some cases you may also want to include yourselves external JS scripts.

Include the script on the html header

Javascript scripts are included in the header using the js_script function (defined in Error a_api: exception Dune__exe__Api.Error("invalid ocaml id \"Eliom_content.Html.D\"")).

open Eliom_content.Html.D (* for make_uri an js_script *)

     ~uri:(make_uri (Eliom_service.static_dir ())

This function has 2 parameters: the file path and unit.

The file path is generated using the make_uri function (from Error a_api: exception Dune__exe__Api.Error("invalid ocaml id \"Eliom_content.Html.D\"") module). This function creates the relative URL string using the static directory (which is a service) configured in the configuration file and the given list.

Insert this piece of code on the list given in parameter to the head function.

Or you can use: Eliom_tools.F.head

Call an external function

Have a look at this page of Js_of_ocaml's manual to understand how to call JS function from your OCaml program.