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How to compile my Ocsigen pages?

Eliom distillery

Eliom-distillery will help you to build your client-server application using Eliom. It comes with several templates ("client-server.basic", "os.pgocaml", and more to come ...).

$ eliom-distillery -name <name> -template client-server.basic [-target-directory <dir>]

Eliom distillery will also create a default configuration file for Ocsigen Server.

More information on Eliom distillery in Eliom's manual.

More information on how client-server Eliom project are compiled on this page.

If you don't need client-server features, the compilation process is very simple and without surprise. Compile with ocamlc or ocamlopt using ocamlfind, with package eliom.server. You will have to create your configuration file manually. But you can still use Eliom distillery, which will make easier the inclusion of client side features, later.

Compilation details

  • eliomdep helps you handle dependencies of eliom files
  • eliomc compile server-side eliom files (and ml files too)
  • js_of_eliom compile client-side eliom files

Read manuals for mor information about these compilers.