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Ocsipersist (3 implémentations) Eliom allows to use more persistent data, using the module Ocsipersist is needed in eliom.cma , thus you need to dynlink it in the configuration file before Eliom ). There are currently two implementations of Ocsipersist : ocsipersist-dbm.cma (uses the DBM database); ocsipersist-sqlite.cma (uses the SQLite database and depends on sqlite3.cma from the OPAM package sqlite3); ocsipersist-pgsql.cma (uses the PostgreSQL (version >= 9.5) database and depends on pa_pgsql.cma from the OPAM package pgocaml);

It is possible to customize the location of the database on the file system. For example, with sqlite:

    <extension findlib-package="ocsigen.ext.ocsipersist-sqlite">
      <database file="_DATADIR_/ocsidb"/>

And with DBM, you can customize the location of the database and the name of the ocsidbm process you want to use:

    <extension findlib-package="ocsigen.ext.ocsipersist-dbm">
      <store dir="_DATADIR_"/>
      <ocsidbm name="_EXTRALIBDIR_/ocsidbm"/>

PostgreSQL has more options to specify how to connect to the database. Note that the ocsipersist-database under the specified name (default: "ocsipersist") needs to exist. To create it run psql and execute CREATE TABLE ocsipersist;.

    <extension findlib-package="ocsigenserver.ext.ocsipersist-pgsql">
      <database <!-- optional, as each of the following attributes are -->
        user="Aerobic Respirator"
        password="Guess what I need!"
        database="ocsipersist" <!-- this is the default value if not specified -->
        size_conn_pool="16" <!-- this is the default value; number of DB connections -->