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Class type Wiki_widgets_interface.wikibox_aux

class type wikibox_aux = object..end

A class containing a few auxiliary methods related to wikis

method display_basic_box : 
'a 'b.
classes *
([< Html5_types.div_content_fun ] as 'a) Eliom_content.Html5.F.elt list ->
([> Html5_types.div ] as 'b) Eliom_content.Html5.F.elt Lwt.t

Displays some xhtml elements inside a <div>

method display_wikiboxcontent : 
'c 'd.
bi:box_info ->
classes:classes ->
([< Html5_types.flow5 ] as 'c) Eliom_content.Html5.F.elt list
Wiki_types.wikibox_content ->
(classes *
([> Html5_types.flow5 ] as 'd) Eliom_content.Html5.F.elt list)

Pretty-print the content of a wikibox

method display_raw_wikiboxcontent : 
'a 'e.
classes:classes ->
'a Eliom_content.Html5.F.elt list Wiki_types.wikibox_content ->
(classes *
([> `Em | `Pre ] as 'e) Eliom_content.Html5.F.elt list)

Display a wikibox without pretty-printing

method wrap_error : 
wb:Wiki_types.wikibox ->
([< Html5_types.flow5 > `Div ] as 'f) Eliom_content.Html5.F.elt list ->
'f Eliom_content.Html5.F.elt list Lwt.t

If error has is supposed to be displayed for the wikibox wb, displays this error and wraps it together with the xml argument in a div tag. Otherwise, displays only the xml argument