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Module Os_email

module Os_email : sig..end

Basic module for sending e-mail messages to users, using some local sendmail program.

val set_from_addr : string * string -> unit

set_from_addr (sender_name, sender_email) sets the email address used to send mail to sender_email and the sender name to sender_name.

val set_mailer : string -> unit

set_mailer mailer sets the name of the external sendmail program on your system, used by the default Os_email.send function.

val get_mailer : unit -> string

get_mailer () returns the name of mailer program.

exception Invalid_mailer of string

Exception raised if the mailer is invalid. You can raise an exception of this type in email sending function if you use Os_email.set_send.

val email_pattern : string

The pattern used to check the validity of an e-mail address.

val is_valid : string -> bool

is_valid email returns true if the e-mail address email is valid. Else it returns false.

val send : 
  ?url:string ->
  ?from_addr:string * string ->
  to_addrs:(string * string) list ->
  subject:string -> string list -> unit Lwt.t

Send an e-mail to to_addrs from from_addr. You have to define the subject of your email. The body of the email is a list of strings and each element of the list is automatically separated by a new line. Tuples used by from_addr and to_addrs is of the form (name, email).

val set_send : 
  (?url:string ->
   from_addr:string * string ->
   to_addrs:(string * string) list ->
   subject:string -> string list -> unit Lwt.t) ->

Customize email sending function. See Os_email.send for more details about the arguments.