Warning: Reason support is experimental. We are looking for beta-tester and contributors.

Module Os_msg

module Os_msg : sig..end

This module provides functions to display messages (client-side or server-side).

val msg : 
  ?level:[ `Err | `Msg ] ->
  ?duration:float -> ?onload:bool -> string -> unit

Call this function either from client or server side to display an error message in the page.

The message is displayed in a special box (a "div" with id "os_msg" created automatically in the body of the page).

It is displayed during a short amount of time then disappears. You may change the duration in seconds with the parameter duration (default 2 seconds).

The two levels correspond to different classes that you can personalize by modifying the CSS class "os_err" (added for error messages to the box with ID "os_msg").

If ?onload is true, the message is displayed after the next page is displayed (default false). When called on server side, this is always the case.

Set to true if an action link key has been already created and sent to the user email, else false. Default is false.

val wrong_pdata : 
  ((string * string) * (string * string)) option

((firstname, lastname), (password, password_confirmation)) option is a reference used to remember information about the user during a request when something went wrong (for example in a form when the password and password confirmation are not the same).

If the value is None, no user data has been set. Default is None.