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Index of exceptions

Account_already_activated_unconnected [Os_handlers]

Exception raised when an account has been already activated and no user is connected.

Account_not_activated [Os_db]

Exception raised when the account is not activated.

Already_exists [Os_user]

Exception used if an user already exists.

Custom_action_link [Os_handlers]

Exception raised when something went wrong with an action link key.

Error_while_cropping [Os_uploader]

Raised if an error occurred while cropping a picture.

Error_while_resizing [Os_uploader]

Raised if an error occurred while resizing a picture.

FCM_empty_response [Os_fcm_notif]
FCM_missing_field [Os_fcm_notif]
FCM_no_json_response [Os_fcm_notif]
FCM_unauthorized [Os_fcm_notif]

Invalid_action_key [Os_handlers]

Exception raised when the key is oudated.

Invalid_action_link_key [Os_db.User]
Invalid_mailer [Os_email]

Exception raised if the mailer is invalid.

Main_email_removal_attempt [Os_db]

Exception raised when there is an attempt to remove the main email.

No_such_group [Os_group]

Exception raised when no there is no group corresponding to the request (for example wrong ID or name).

No_such_resource [Os_handlers]

Exception raised when the requested resource is not available.

No_such_resource [Os_db]

Exception raised when no resource corresponds to the database request.

No_such_user [Os_user]

Exception used if an user doesn't exist.

Not_connected [Os_session]

Permission_denied [Os_session]
Predicate_failed [Os_page]