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Module Os_page

module Os_page : sig..end

Functor defining wrappers for services handlers returning pages.

exception Predicate_failed of exn option
type content

An abstract type describing the content of a page

val content : 
  ?html_a:Html_types.html_attrib Eliom_content.Html.attrib list ->
  ?a:Html_types.body_attrib Eliom_content.Html.attrib list ->
  ?title:string ->
  ?head:[< Html_types.head_content_fun ] Eliom_content.Html.elt list ->
  [< Html_types.body_content ] Eliom_content.Html.elt list ->

Specifies a page with an optional title (with the argument ?title), some optional extra metadata (with the argument ?head) and a given body.

?html_a (resp. ?a) allows to set attributes to the html (resp. body) tag.

module type PAGE = sig..end

The signature of the module to be given as parameter to the functor.

module Default_config : PAGE

A default configuration for pages.

module Make : functor (C : PAGE) ->