Warning: Reason support is experimental. We are looking for beta-tester and contributors.

Module Os_notif

module Os_notif : sig..end

Server to client notifications.

This module is a version of Eliom_notif that fixes the types identity of Eliom_notif.S to Os_types.User.id option (option so that users can be notified that are not logged in). It takes care of (de)initialisation so init and deinit need not be called anymore. Also it adds a specialised version of unlisten_user.

module type S = sig..end
module type ARG = sig..end

ARG is for making Make.

module Make : functor (A : ARG) -> 
with type key = A.key
and type server_notif = A.server_notif
and type client_notif = A.client_notif

see Eliom_notif.Make

module type ARG_SIMPLE = sig..end

ARG_SIMPLE is for making Make_Simple.

module Make_Simple : functor (A : ARG_SIMPLE) -> 
with type key = A.key
and type server_notif = A.notification
and type client_notif = A.notification

Use this functor in case messages are to be delivered only to clients connected to the current server, as is always the case in a single-server set-up.