Warning: Reason support is experimental. We are looking for beta-tester and contributors.

Index of types

client_notif [Os_notif.ARG]
content [Os_page]

An abstract type describing the content of a page

current_user [Os_current_user]

error [Os_fcm_notif.Response.Results]

Sum type to represent errors.

id [Os_user]

Type alias to Os_types.User.id to allow to use Os_user.id.

id [Os_types.Group]

Type representing a group ID

id [Os_types.User]

Type representing a user ID

id [Os_group]

Type alias to Os_types.Group.id to allow to use Os_group.id.

info [Os_types.Action_link_key]

Type representing information about the action link key

key [Os_request_cache.Cache_sig]

The type of the key

key [Os_notif.ARG_SIMPLE]
key [Os_notif.ARG]

local_calendar [Os_date]

Type representing a local calendar.

notification [Os_notif.ARG_SIMPLE]

server_notif [Os_notif.ARG]
sms_error [Os_connect_phone]
sms_error_core [Os_connect_phone]
success [Os_fcm_notif.Response.Results]

The type representing a success result.

t [Os_user]

Type alias to Os_types.User.t to allow to use Os_user.t.

t [Os_types.Group]

Type representing a group.

t [Os_types.User]

Type representing a user.

t [Os_platform]

Platform type.

t [Os_lib.Email_or_phone.Almost]
t [Os_lib.Email_or_phone]
t [Os_group]

Type alias to Os_types.Group.t to allow to use Os_group.t.

t [Os_fcm_notif.Response.Results]

The type representing a result.

t [Os_fcm_notif.Response]
t [Os_fcm_notif.Options.Priority]

Priority of the message.

t [Os_fcm_notif.Options]

The type representing an option.

t [Os_fcm_notif.Data.PhoneGap.Visibility]
t [Os_fcm_notif.Data.PhoneGap.Priority]

Maximum means the notification will be displayed on the screen above all views during 2 or 3 seconds.

t [Os_fcm_notif.Data.PhoneGap.Action]
t [Os_fcm_notif.Data.PhoneGap.Style]
t [Os_fcm_notif.Data]

The type representing a data payload.

t [Os_fcm_notif.Notification]

The type representing a notification

value [Os_request_cache.Cache_sig]

The type of the value

y [Os_lib.Email_or_phone.Almost]
y [Os_lib.Email_or_phone]