Warning: Reason support is experimental. We are looking for beta-tester and contributors.

Module Os_handlers

module Os_handlers : sig..end

This module contains pre-defined handlers for connect, disconnect, sign up, add a new email, etc. Each handler has a corresponding service in Os_services.

val connect_handler : unit -> (string * string) * bool -> unit Lwt.t

connect_handler () ((login, password), keepMeLoggedIn) connects the user with login and password and keeps the user logged in between different session if keepMeLoggedIn is set to true.

val disconnect_handler : ?main_page:bool -> unit -> unit -> unit Lwt.t

disconnect_handler ?main_page () () disconnects the current user.

val sign_up_handler : unit -> string -> unit Lwt.t

sign_up_handler () email signes up an user with email email.

val add_email_handler : unit -> string -> unit Lwt.t

add_email_handler () email adds a new e-mail address for the current user and sends an activation link.

Exception raised when something went wrong with an action link key. The action link key is given as parameter as a type Os_types.actionlinkkey_info.

exception Account_already_activated_unconnected of 

Exception raised when an account has been already activated and no user is connected.

exception Invalid_action_key of Os_types.Action_link_key.info

Exception raised when the key is oudated.

exception No_such_resource

Exception raised when the requested resource is not available.

action_link_handler userid_o activation_key () is the handler for activation keys.

Depending on the error, Os_handlers.No_such_resource, Os_handlers.Custom_action_link, Os_handlers.Invalid_action_key or Os_handlers.Account_already_activated_unconnected can be raised.

val confirm_code_signup_handler : 
  unit -> string * (string * (string * string)) -> unit Lwt.t

confirm_code_signup_handler () (first_name, (last_name, (pass, number))) sends a verification code to number, displays a popup for confirming the code, and creates the account if all goes well.

val confirm_code_extra_handler : unit -> string -> unit Lwt.t

confirm_code_extra_handler () number is like confirm_code_signup_handler but for adding an additional number to the account. The new phone is added to the account.

val confirm_code_recovery_handler : unit -> string -> unit Lwt.t

confirm_code_recovery_handler () number is like confirm_code_signup_handler but for recovering a lost password. The user is redirected to the settings page for setting a new password.

val forgot_password_handler : 
  (unit, unit, Eliom_service.get, Eliom_service.att, 'a,
   Eliom_service.non_ext, 'b, [< `WithSuffix | `WithoutSuffix ], unit,
   unit, 'c)
  Eliom_service.t -> unit -> string -> unit Lwt.t

forgot_password_handler service () email creates and sends an action link to email if the user forgot his password and redirects to service. If email doesn't correspond to any user, Os_user.user_does_not_exist is set to true and Os_msg.msg is called with the level `Err.

val preregister_handler : unit -> string -> unit Lwt.t

preregister_handler () email preregisters the email email.

val set_password_handler : 
  Os_types.User.id -> unit -> string * string -> unit Lwt.t

set_password_handler userid () (password, confirmation_password) updates the password of the user with ID userid with the hashed value of password if confirmation_password corresponds to password. If they don't correspond, Os_msg.msg is called with the level `Err.

val set_personal_data_handler : 
  Os_types.User.id ->
  unit -> (string * string) * (string * string) -> unit Lwt.t

set_personal_data_handler userid () ((firstname, lastname), (password, confirmation_password)) sets the corresponding data to given values.